Setting up Metamask for polygon (Matic) network

CrowdSwap`s token CROWD will be available on the polygon (MATIC) network first. For the upcomming MASSIV airdrop lottery and the token launch, we chose polygon for the genesis event.

To participate in both the airdrop and token launch you need to setup a wallet that supports the polygon network to exchange tokens. This article help you setup a Metamask wallet to get you started. The polygon network has reached a ton of interest because its transaction fees are extremly low. And I mean very low, cheaper than $0.001. Blazing fast transaction speeds make it an optimal place to start our journey. CrowdSwap likes low fees and fast transactions.

1. Install the Metamask extension to your browser

To install the Metamask extension go to the MetaMask Download page and select the appropriate version. You can either select to install mobile on iOS or android. This guide will concentrate on the browser setup. Mobile ones should almost be the same.

Scroll down to the section and choose the browser version that you are using.


2. Create your wallet

After successful installation of the Metamask extension, you can start to create your own wallet.

> Click “Get started”

After following the get started route, you will see this dialog, where you can choose to create your new wallet or import an existing wallet.

> Click “Create a Wallet”

First step is to create a password for your wallet. It has to have at least 8 characters. 

!! Choose a complex password or use a password generator to create a random password. You are responsible for your assets now !!

> Enter the password

> Repeat the password to confirm it

> read the “terms of use” and check it

> Click the “create” button 

You will be presented the recovery phrase. This sequence of words is very important. You need it to import your wallet into the metamask extension. So write it down and confirm this on the dialog

> Write down the sequence of words

> Confirm that you wrote it down somewhere

> Click “Next”


You have successfully created a wallet!

> Move on to step 3

3. Add the polygon (MATIC) network to Metamask

Before you can use the Metamask wallet on the polygon network, you have to provide the connection details to the Metamask extension. This is done by adding a new network. This is an easy task and takes you just 1 minute.

> Open the Metamask extension and click on the icon in the top right .

The main menu of Metamask opens. 

> Click on the menu entry “Settings”. 


In the setting menu:

> Scroll down to the “Networks” item and click it.


You will see all the networks that have been automatically created when you installed the Metamask extension.

> Click the “Add network” button


You have reached the dialog, where you have to define the details of the network. 

> Insert the data below in the corresponding fields of the metamask dialog.

Network Name: Matic Network


Chain ID: 137

Currency Symbol (optional): MATIC

Block Explorer URL (optional):

> Click Save and you are done!


4. Done

Congratulations! You have created your wallet and configured the polygon network. 

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