CROWD Use Cases

Powering Possibilities, Fueling Futures

CROWD is the native utility token of CrowdSwap. CROWD holders can enjoy various benefits.

Use Cases

Cross-Chain Facilitator
DAO Governance
Rewarding and giving incentives
Exclusive VIP access
Transactions Fee Cashback

Cross-Chain Facilitator

Liquidity provision in cross-chain transactions represents a significant challenge within the blockchain domain. By leveraging CROWD as a key liquidity source for Cross-Chain trades, CrowdSwap ensures required liquidity while delivering optimized pricing. This approach results in lower fees and superior swap rates on bridges, streamlining the trading experience.

Effortlessly swap your favorite cryptocurrencies across different networks

Consider the diagram below as an example.

Joining DAO Governance

Joining the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) empowers CROWD holders to have a voice in the decision-making processes of CrowdSwap’s development, shaping the platform's future and a share in revenue distribution.

The more CROWD, The more voting power, The more income

The platform's earnings serve multiple purposes. 70% of the earnings go to CROWD holders, while 20% covers operational costs, and the remaining 10% is allocated towards burning and buybacks.

Rewarding and giving incentives

Achieving CrowdSwap's vision requires commitment from both investors and the community. Investors (for instance, on liquidity pools or staking opportunities) fuel CrowdSwap by providing liquidity, so they deserve rewards for their contributions. These rewards are given in the form of a CROWD.

Fueling growth, rewarding commitment - CROWD powers CrowdSwap's ecosystem

Additionally, participants in bug bounty programs will be rewarded with CROWD, further enhancing platform security and community involvement. Also, prizes from some campaigns will be given to the participants through CROWD.

Exclusive VIP access

To build an engaged and motivated community, CrowdSwap employs various strategies designed to inspire active participation and promote the platform as a valuable resource. Users who increase their holdings and VIP status will unlock exclusive offers on CrowdSwap, significantly enriching their platform experience and benefits. Users who accumulate and hold more CROWDs unlock higher VIP levels, fostering loyalty and engagement.

Higher VIP level, Unlock more premium features, Enhanced rewards

Transactions Fee Cashback

Through various trading programs and campaigns, traders are rewarded with CROWDs through diverse trading programs and campaigns. With each exchange facilitated on the platform, users effortlessly receive a portion of their transaction fees reimbursed in CROWDs, promoting engagement and enhancing the trading experience.

Earn CROWD as you trade, Enhancing your experience

CROWD is available on reputable platforms

How does the CROWD generate and preserve its value?

Over the past few years, CrowdSwap has developed multiple features with CROWD as a central element. Attracting more users and increasing usage has generated greater value and positioned CROWD for enhanced worth, especially with the anticipated launch of our DAO in the near future. Additionally, an automated burning plan integrated into our cross-chain operations acts as a deflationary mechanism, aiming to increase its value over time.