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Experience the Future of Web3 wallets with CrowdWallet!

Dive into the future of digital wallets with our Web3 Smart Wallet. It effortlessly handles private keys, offering you a worry-free and simplified experience.

Easy Setup
Creating a CrowdWallet is as simple as signing up on any website. Once signed up, there's no need to connect a wallet again. Simply open your Telegram and start trading
Enhanced Security
CrowdWallet is customizable to include a range of security features, including the option for two-factor authentication, adding an extra layer of protection
Wallet Recovery Solution
While your wallet access remains exclusive to you, private keys and seed phrases are no longer needed for account recovery. The wallet recovery feature provides a secure alternative
Gasless Transactions
You can cover transaction costs with the token you're trading rather than needing the network's required token – a feature that every DeFi user wishes for


CrowdSwap lets you exchange crypto tokens for the best value. Trade any altcoin fast, easy, and safe. See the best prices and fees from 30+ exchanges, set your own price with our advanced limit order and monitor your exchange history with our app


Why CrowdSwap Exchange?

Introducing our revolutionary exchange function, designed to redefine your DeFi experience with its exceptional capabilities. Explore the future of DeFi with us—where innovation meets simplicity

CROWD The Heart of CrowdSwap

CROWD is our native utility token, designed to provide users with a seamless experience on CrowdSwap. It’s more than just a token - it’s an integral part of our ecosystem.

CrowdSwap telegram bot

Say goodbye to the complexities of private keys with CROWD’s Web3 Smart Wallet! Join our Telegram Bot and start exchanging with our bot today!

Effortlessly swap any token across different chains. Our platform’s cross-chain functionality ensures you’re not limited by boundaries, making every transaction as fluid as possible

Our simple interface lets you quickly find prices and pick tokens on any blockchain with fewer clicks to the goal

No hidden costs—our detailed fee breakdown ensures you know exactly what you’re paying for, providing clarity and trust in every transaction

On most DeFi platforms, you may be asked to switch networks to look around without making any real transactions. Our platform makes things easier for you by only asking for a network change when you’re about to finalize a transaction. This means you can explore and plan your trades without constant interruptions, leading to a smoother and more user-friendly experience

As an aggregator, we scour dozens of DEXs to guarantee the best prices for your transactions. Our technology ensures you always get the most value from your swaps and bridges

Our unique feature lets you easily set orders across blockchains—like selling MATIC for BNB when prices hit your target, without the hassle of multiple steps to bring your asset first to the BNB chain. It reduces the risk of loss since you don’t need to sell your MATIC first on Polygon. Straightforward and efficient, it creates more chances for profit with less effort

Our cross-chain swap feature taps into CROWD’s power to offer you the best platform rates. This smart approach guarantees more value and efficiency in your transactions, simplifying your swap process while maximizing benefits


Limit Order

CrowdSwap Limit Order feature lets you set the price and amount of tokens you want to trade, and your order executes when the market conditions match your preferences

Protect yourself against unfavorable prices
Available on Cross-Chain transactions
Cancel order if needed

Empowering Your Crypto Investments

At CrowdSwap, we believe in making your crypto work for you. For that, we made DeFi easy for even newbies!

Whether you choose to stake, provide liquidity, or invest in our DeFi ETF, you can watch your investments grow.


The First-ever ETF on DeFi

CrowdSwap ETFs are collections of selected tokens you can acquire in one transaction rather than purchasing each separately on different blockchains.

Flexible Investing
Invest in ETFs using stable coins or network tokens in your wallet.
Unrestricted Withdrawals
Withdraw any amount at any time, receiving stable coins or invested tokens in return.
Profit Tracking
View real-time profit based on investment duration and asset price changes.
Low Fees
Enjoy attractive low fees for all transactions.
Benefit from the security and transparency of a decentralized platform.
NFT Rewards
Receive a tradable NFT in return for your investment.


Simplifying Liquidity Pool Farming for Users

In the conventional DeFi ecosystem, participating in the liquidity pools can often be complex and frustrating, especially when you're looking to invest in a specific pool, such as Matic/USDC, but only hold one type of token. Let's break down the typical issues and how CrowdSwap addresses them



The staking feature enables users to grow their valued holdings. By staking CROWD or other available tokens, users can earn rewards. Rather than merely holding, it's more beneficial to stake your tokens and watch them multiply.

CrowdSwap offers two ways of staking in its app:

Standard and locked. Standard staking lets you withdraw your tokens at any time you wish, while locked staking gives you higher rewards but requires you to lock your tokens for a certain time. You can choose the option that suits your needs and preferences.

Portfolio Manager

Seamlessly view and manage all your assets and investments across multiple blockchains in one intuitive interface. Enjoy the following features

Simplified Overview with Advanced Sorting and Filtering
Enhance your portfolio oversight with our user-friendly interface, equipped with advanced sorting and filtering capabilities. This feature offers a clear and personalized overview to support informed decisions.
Comprehensive Transaction History Across All Blockchains
Our platform offers a unified view of your transactions across all blockchains, enhanced with Search, filter, and export capabilities for thorough tracking and analysis in one convenient place.
Fast Trade Initiation from Your Portfolio
Initiate various transactions directly from your portfolio, streamlining your asset management. This feature saves you time, allowing for quick and efficient trade initiation without navigating and selecting tokens manually.
Enhanced Security for Token Transfers
Ever been scammed or mistakenly sent funds to a scammer? Our platform safeguards you against these critical errors. Before any token transfer, we meticulously evaluate the recipient address and provide you with essential information for a thorough cross-check, ensuring your transactions are protected and secure. This extra step gives you peace of mind, protecting your assets from threats.

Portfolio Manager

Token Transfer

CrowdSwap always puts security first. Our new crypto transfer feature helps you avoid many security threats. By using the crypto transfer feature on the portfolio page, you will see the details of the recipient’s wallet, such as the first and last transactions, the network, and the balance. You can use this information to verify your wallet and prevent errors or scams.

Fiat to Crypto Exchange

Are you looking for a fast, easy, and secure way to swap your fiat currency for cryptocurrencies? If so, you’ll love the buy-and-sell crypto feature from CrowdSwap: fiat to crypto exchange. With fiat to crypto exchange, you can use your credit card or bank account to buy or sell any of the supported coins on CrowdSwap, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. You don’t need to create an account or verify your identity. Just enter the amount you want to swap, choose your payment method, and confirm the transaction. It’s that simple. Fiat to crypto exchange is the ultimate solution for anyone who wants to get into the crypto world without hassle.

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