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We will always find the best price in the crypto space for your asset including fees and transaction costs.

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The Problem

DeFi is the future of banking and money supply and is growing very fast.

The problem is the lack of transparency about the different transaction costs in the different decentralized exchanges (DEXes) and the lack of overview of the respective token price in the respective DEX of the Ethereum network.

For first-time Defi traders, it can mean paying up to 100% more on a swap than necessary. Even for experienced DeFi traders, it is almost impossible to get a price overview with reasonable effort to realize the best price for his swap.

Better swap on Crowdswap than Sushiswap, Bancor, Uniswap or Balancer. Right?

In the DeFi space with DEXes on any network the biggest challange is – even for experienced DeFi Traders – that everybody needs to stay updated where to get the best prices including the additional costs.

The CrowdSwap best price algorithm finds the best price for token pairs via one or more DEXes routes, taking into account all ancillary costs, including DEXes fees, smart contract (swap) execution transaction costs, and bridge transfer (network transfer) costs.


Christian Mülder
Co-founder and CEO

A serial entrepreneur, Trader and longtime Investor with several ventures launched in different sectors using Blockchain like Technologies in the IT for Energy sector. He has more than two decades of experience as software architect and over one decade as CEO. He is also Co-Founder of the Open Source Project B2B-by-pratice in context of SAP utilities solutions.

Vahid Hassani
Co-founder and CTO

A software architect and an entrepreneur thinker. He has about two decades of experiences in software development in different areas and running startups in e-commerce, software development and blockchain sectors.

Wolfgang Hennes
Co-founder / Scientific Affairs

An Internet Veteran and entrepreneur with several digital ventures launched in E-Commerce, Cloud, AI like oneclick and Sellgate. He has more than two decades of experience in Startups and Digital Marketing. He is a scientific consultant for organizations like the University of Cologne or the Swiss Connect Academy and Mentor for the Silicon Valley based Founder Institute

Alireza Seyfpour
Blockchain developer

Full-stack software engineer and tech enthusiast with over 6 years of industry experiences and a math oriented education in computer science. He became interested in Blockchain technology in 2016 and started as a trader. Since 2019 he started to develop dApps. He loves exploring new technologies.

Nasser Safarinia
Software Architect/Developer

+15 years of experiences in delivering time-bound high efficient solutions for diverse industries and complicated scenarios like Financial Systems, Booking and Accounting systems, Time and Attendance Systems, Workflows and Automation systems, including a strong background in software architecture principles for real-time, transactional distributed systems.

Abbas Sharifitabar
Software Architect/Developer

20+ years of demonstrated experiences in designing, architecting, and supporting enterprise applications. Years of experience in different business domains, from education to health to banking to telecommunication. He has outstanding experiences with highly scalable distributed systems.

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