Why Should You Hold on to Your CROWD tokens?

Incorporating zkSync Ecosystem on CrowdSwap Decentralized Exchange (Part 3)
Incorporating zkSync Ecosystem on CrowdSwap Decentralized Exchange (Part 3)
CROWD Staking




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If you’re still reserving doubt about holding on to your CROWD, we suggest reading below about the Loyalty Programs and the direct consequences of saving the CROWDs:

  1. The LTH contest or the Long-term Holders of CROWD (ongoing in two different Seasons with multiple rewards)

Our LTH Seasons 1 and 2 are currently underway, with multiple rewards waiting to be dished to those who stand fast and don’t let their CROWDs slip out of their wallets. Because of the ranking system, the longer one holds to its CrowdSwap token, the higher their chances of ripping better rewards. All this ultimately translates into bagging more CROWD tokens.

Be smart, don’t do the hard work, be clever! Let your CROWD bring in the profit by staking them or taking advantage of excellent opportunities like the mining pools (25% APY).

  1. Becoming a VIP Member

Same as the LTH program, the VIP program too benefits the CROWD holders and even more! 

Our VIP users will have a saying in the dApp sales or enjoy opportunities faster. They can also partake in pools with more incentives. The VIP program details are still in the works, but soon, they will be posted on our website.

  1. CROWD as an Access Card to CrowdSwap DAO!

The current agenda hints at CrowdSwap becoming a DAO in the future. For that purpose, we gave life to the SCROWD token, which works as the membership for our DAO. As a $Crowd token holder, you can exchange your CROWD for SCROWD. The longer you hold on to your CROWD, the better your exchange rates for SCROWD will be. 

SCROWD holders will vote on the project’s future and receive shares of trades and investment fees. 

  1. $Crowd is deflationary, and its journey has just begun!

zkSync is a prime example of a multichain road laid ahead of CROWD, and the wonders stumbled upon its path. There’s no limit or surprise about where the next destination for CROWD will be. However, as CROWD grows in presence across chains, so will its use cases. This means that more investors will be drawn to its potential and bright future in time, a future we’re working seriously for by actions such as burning 20 million CROWDs each month.

We would love to hear about one of the top reasons for holding to your CROWD and how you want us to improve them.

Table of Contents

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