Unlock New Opportunities: CROWD Listed on Biconomy Exchange

CROWD Listed on Biconomy Exchange


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CROWD Listed on Biconomy Exchange
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We’re thrilled to announce that one of the items from our 2024 roadmap is happening now: listing and partnership with a centralized exchange (CEX). CROWD is now listed on the Biconomy Exchange! 

This blog first introduces CROWD and Biconomy, highlighting their key features and then exploring the significant benefits this listing on Biconomy brings to the community. Discover how this listing creates new opportunities for both seasoned traders and newcomers. Join us as we delve into this new era!

The Power of CROWD

CrowdSwap is a leading decentralized exchange (DEX) that prioritizes simplicity, security, and innovation in the DeFi space.

CROWD token has a versatile array of use cases. It serves as a cross-chain facilitator, enabling seamless transactions across various blockchain networks. Additionally, it empowers holders with voting rights in the project’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), fostering community governance and decision-making, even though it isn’t a DAO yet, but has plans to become one in the future. Beyond that, CROWD incentivizes participation and loyalty by rewarding users with exclusive VIP access to platform features. Moreover,  traders are rewarded with CROWDs through diverse trading programs and campaigns.

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CROWD provides users with opportunities to engage with the platform and earn rewards. Users can maximize their earnings by staking CROWD across various networks or participating in LP farms on the CrowdSwap Opportunity page. Additionally, CROWD holders gain access to exclusive benefits. 

In the last few years, CrowdSwap has added many features using CROWD as a key part. This has attracted more users and made CROWD more valuable. But how does the CROWD preserve its value? Read more on this page: Token Burning

Exploring the Significance of Biconomy

Biconomy is a well-known global digital asset trading platform known for its transparency and accessibility, offering exchange, listing, and asset development services. Grounded in the blockchain ideology, Biconomy aligns with the belief that distributed ledger technologies can foster trust, improve transaction efficiency, and positively impact social and economic welfare. This ethos underscores Biconomy’s significance in the crypto ecosystem, as it aims to simplify transactions, enhance user experience, and promote widespread adoption of blockchain-based solutions.

Biconomy CEX has established itself as a significant player in the cryptocurrency exchange space, boasting impressive statistics that underscore its prominence. Biconomy boasts a global user base of over 500,000 individuals spanning across 150+ countries.

Ranked among the top 20 exchanges on CoinGecko and boasting a Trust Score of 9/10, Biconomy has earned the trust and confidence of its user base. It stands as a great competitor alongside industry giants like KuCoin and Kraken, showcasing its strength and reliability in the market. 

Securing a listing on Biconomy isn’t straightforward; they prioritize valuable tokens. Biconomy’s extensive token listing, featuring around 200 valuable tokens, further strengthens its position as a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform. It offers users access to a diverse range of valuable digital assets for trading and investment purposes.

CROWD listing and partnership with Biconomy

The listing of CROWD on Biconomy CEX represents a significant milestone for CrowdSwap, highlighting our commitment to broadening accessibility and expanding our reach within the crypto landscape. Our aim is to establish a robust Web3 partnership with this centralized exchange. 

This strategic collaboration ensures that nearly every token listed on Biconomy’s platform will also find a place on CrowdSwap, offering users enhanced opportunities for engagement. 

Additionally, projects seeking a Web3 solution can leverage our reliable widget. 

With Biconomy boasting over 7.5 million monthly visits, we are confident that the listing of CROWD and our partnership with Biconomy will showcase the incredible potential of CrowdSwap, reinforcing its position as a key player in the DeFi realm ready for continued growth and innovation. 

The benefits of CROWD listing on Biconomy

The benefits of listing CROWD on Biconomy include:

1. Expanded Market Reach

Listing on a CEX like Biconomy exposes CROWD to a broader audience of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, potentially attracting new investors and users to the CrowdSwap DeFi ecosystem.

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2. Improved Accessibility

Biconomy’s user-friendly interface and robust infrastructure make it easier for users to trade CROWD, enhancing accessibility and usability for both existing and prospective users.

3. Increased Trading Volume

Biconomy’s high trading volume increases CROWD’s trading activity, potentially leading to greater price stability and market depth.

4. Partnership Opportunities

The listing on Biconomy opens up opportunities for strategic partnerships and collaborations within the cryptocurrency space, further boosting the growth and development of the CrowdSwap platform.


In conclusion, the listing of CROWD on Biconomy Exchange represents a significant milestone for CrowdSwap, marking the realization of one of the key items from our 2024 roadmap. This partnership with a centralized exchange signifies more than just a listing; it underscores our commitment to expanding our reach and accessibility within the cryptocurrency landscape.

With the potential to reach millions of new users and opportunities for strategic partnerships, the significance of this listing extends beyond traditional crypto milestones. As we continue to explore new avenues for growth and innovation, we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for CROWD and CrowdSwap. 

Together with Biconomy, we are ready to showcase our platform’s incredible potential and reinforce our position as a key player in the DeFi realm.


How can I buy CROWD tokens?

Watch this video, which is a step-by-step guide on how you can purchase CROWD.

What makes the listing on Biconomy so important for CrowdSwap?

The listing on Biconomy is very significant for CrowdSwap as it increases the platform’s visibility, accessibility, and credibility. This listing opens up new avenues for community expansion and reinforces CrowdSwap’s recognition within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

What advantages does the Biconomy listing offer to CrowdSwap users?

The Biconomy listing enhances liquidity and expands trading opportunities for CrowdSwap users, fostering a more vibrant and dynamic market environment. Moreover, it symbolizes trust and reliability, increasing confidence among investors and users alike.

Can Biconomy be relied upon as a trustworthy platform for cryptocurrency trading?

Absolutely, Biconomy is a reputable and trusted platform in the cryptocurrency realm. It offers a secure and dependable environment for trading a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

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