The CrowdSwap and TMNG Partnership Continues

The CrowdSwap and TMNG Partnership Continues
The CrowdSwap and TMNG Partnership Continues
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Around six weeks ago, we announced our strategic partnership with the up-and-coming TMN Global, a Switzerland-based company centered on facilitating access to rare and precious metals and their technologies. Today, we’re here to proudly present a new chapter in this relationship. It has been a joyous collaboration that brought more awareness and pointed out the grand potential of the decentralized exchanges and automated processes as features of incredible DeFi projects.

The CrowdSwap + TMNG Partnership so Far

Thus far, the CrowdSwap and TMNG partnership has accumulated into one tangible and reasonably enticing staking opportunity on our dApp. Your response to this staking chance was borderline off the charts, making us happy and more determined on the road to evolving the partnership.

Another positive aftermath was the CrowdSwap/TMNG AMA session in which both sides spoke about the partnership. It turned out even more important as questions from the community began to flood in, and many black clouds were lifted due to these questions.

As the next act, we escalated the teamwork to higher altitudes. Now, both sides are ready to take it to the next level and build another story on the already well-established TMNG/CrowdSwap foundation with a TMNG Token pre-sale.

The TMNG Token Will be Next on Our Crypto Launchpad

Due to the continuous and combined efforts of CrowdSwap and TMNG Sales teams, the TMNG token pre-sale is on its way to the CrowdSwap crypto launchpad from June 5th-15th, 2023. This revamps the partnership and adds another milestone in the two companies relationship where users can become early investors of the TMN Global token.

This is an excellent opportunity for DeFi enjoyers and users to funnel their funds into an early decentralized finance project. And, with the help of our Crowd Sales services for users and DeFi projects alike, the token will be off to a great start. 

The pre-sale period will provide the TMN Global project with much-desired seed money from the gracious hands of curious and devoted DeFi-users who want to cement themselves as first investors in other projects and long-term beneficiaries of their rewards. 

This mutual and parallel endeavor is co-occurring on the TMN Global Platform and our Crowd Sales (crypto launchpad) window. As soon as the details are sorted out and the TMNG token is ready for pre-sale launch, our launchpad window will be laden with every information you need to participate in the pre-sale. 

The Future of the Partnership

No one knows what the future beholds. However, one thing we know is that we won’t stop bringing you new opportunities and chances to grow your investments.

As for the CrowdSwap and TMNG partnership, the TMN Global token pre-sale seals the deal for now, but we have an open mind about the future. Also, we’re scouting for new projects to take on board. So, if you’re one of these DeFi projects in the DeFi sector looking for a crypto launchpad, make sure to contact our sales team at: “”

The newest pre-sales will be announced on our Telegram channel and Twitter page for the latest updates.

Table of Contents

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