CrowdSwap Crypto Launchpad for DeFi Projects (Crowd Sales)

CrowdSwap Crypto Launchpad for DeFi Projects (Crowd Sales)


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CrowdSwap Crypto Launchpad for DeFi Projects (Crowd Sales)
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CrowdSwap’s crypto Launchpad feature – or Crowd Sales – serves both sides of the aisle: the DeFi users and the DeFi projects alike!

In the previous Crowd Sales blog article, we surveyed the user side of things in-depth, trying to break down different steps, like the KYC and how to acquire token shares and its various parameters. This article will explain Crowd Sales for DeFi projects and businesses.

The Idea Behind CrowdSwap’s Crypto Launchpad

The Idea Behind CrowdSwap’s Crypto Launchpad

When a token from a new DeFi project goes up for pre-sale, the entry investment fees dotted on their websites usually sound harsh to DeFi users.

The sometimes couple-of-thousand-of-dollars minimum investment fee for a token pre-sale puts a den in the user’s plans and thrill alike.

In this case, a lose-lose situation for both new DeFi projects needing the incoming investments and the users trying to make intelligent and future-guaranteeing financial moves ensues. 

Here comes in CrowdSwap’s crypto launchpad service shines by turning the bad scenario into a win-win by building a cheaper financial bridge between enthusiastic DeFi users and new projects trying to lock in some funds.

So, what are the steps for projects to get on this fantastic opportunity and secure seed money? 

First Step: Submit a token to Crowd Sales Request

The first step to a well-received token pre-sale with Crowd Sales is to submit your request to our sales team t the “” email address. 

After the submission, CrowdSwap’s sales team will discuss and take in multiple directions before coming back with an answer on whether or not the partnership is likely.

The Crowd Sales Setup Form

The Crowd Sales Setup Form

If a project is accepted and deemed eligible for CrowdSwap crypto launchpad services, a setup form containing the pre-sales basic information will be the next step in the collaboration. Filling out this form is a mandatory step into the partnership.

Everything about a token pre-sale will be revealed on this page, which will ultimately, and after consideration, transfer to the launchpad window on the dApp window, where users can observe. So, ensure you read and finish this section thoroughly and precisely. 


Right off the bat, you’ll be greeted with the “Information Section” of the Crowd Sales setup form, where you must spare some necessary information about the token pre-sale so it can take off the ground.

Here you can add your project name, the network your token is available on, token name, token decimal, and the required token (USDC or USDT) for users to complete the pre-sale transaction. The only secondary and optional intakes include the token address you can add at leisure.

It’s detrimental to know that some of these pieces of information will not show up on the Crowd Sales banner, such as the sign message (visible in the KYC sign-up procedure) and “Description” and the “Risk” content, which will only appear to users in their investor’s “Detail” box.

The Crowd Sales Setup Form

KYC Level

The “Know Your Customer” procedure plays an integral role in any of CrowdSwap’s crypto launchpad events. Three levels of KYC checking are available to projects to bring safety and trust to the DeFi projects.

To make the procedure easier, CrowdSwap has enlisted the help of its partner, “Fractal, the Identity Solution Provider for Web3,” for better and more comprehensive KYC processing. Fractal improves the security and fairness of CrowdSwap projects while keeping user identity protected and exposure at a bare minimum. New projects wishing to set up KYC must visit the Fractal website and integrate the Fractal Decentralized ID.

The Fractal process might pose some difficulties and questions, so contact the sales team at the “” email address for guidance.

The Crowd Sales Setup Form

Price and Funding Range

Everything related to prices, rounds of pre-sale, and funding decided between CrowdSwap and the project transpires here.

Minimum and Maximum of Sale

The top maximum and minimum of sale boxes indicate the contract between CrowdSwap and their newly acquired partner, details of which are shared between the two companies.

On the other hand, the minimum investment by user box indicates the minimum funds a user has to spend to be part of the token pre-sale. This number will be broadcasted to all the CrowdSwap followers through the social media platforms and on the banner.

Implementing Rounds

Each pre-sale divides into multiple sale stages or “rounds.” This system incentivizes users to participate in the pre-sale sooner and blends perfectly with pre-sale offers to attract more investors. Implementing a round system also gives potential investors an overview of the general timeline. 

With each round, you can decide in what amount to shift the token pricing, but the rates usually go up with the rounds (a maximum of three) as most projects prefer and favor early takers. 

The Crowd Sales Setup Form

The Vesting Plan:

At this point, you pass the maximum period of 7 days of pre-sale. The total amount of the tokens has emerged, and it’s time to return and distribute the shares.

You can select the timetable of the post-sale token distribution by choosing the total months and the percentage of token return (distributed). You can determine how many months there can be or what portions to share at each interval.

Consequently, you can aggregate the pre-sale launch into your work calendar and offset any unwanted side effects of releasing a massive quantity of the pre-sold tokens.

The Crowd Sales Setup Form

Start, End, and TGE (Token Generation Event) Dates

Each pre-sale on Crowd Sales is only up and active for a limited time of seven days. After which, there’s no room for prolongation. Also, after the start, end, and TGE dates and times are set, there’s no going back. So, double-check this part before creating the sale and finishing up with the crypto launchpad.

It’s crucial to remember that you can pre-arrange a Crowd Sales event for your token two months in advance.

So, to minimize dating mistakes, review your calendar and be 100% positive about the times you choose. 

The Crowd Sales Setup Form

First Hours Best Price

First-hours best price refers to “first come, first served,” as users who take the faster hand in finishing their purchase may benefit from more advertising offers.

Simply put, you enjoy the liberty to assign tickets (coupons) and investment intervals for the first arrivers to get the ball rolling and the excitement of the pre-sale high. 

This part of CrowdSwap’s crypto launchpad compliments the rounds you have designated a few steps back as “First Hours Best Price,” which usually means the earlier rounds of investment are more rewarding – both price-wise and ticket-wise.

The Crowd Sales Setup Form

Multiple empty boxes are ready to take in the social connections you’re willing to share with users who want to buy your token or engage with your brand.  The audience can see these social media platforms directly on their details page.

As part of the Crowd Sales crypto launchpad program, CrowdSwap offers to share advertisements for the required partners to boost sales and raise awareness. The CrowdSwap marketing team will put in related marketing plans and material for maximum attention and pre-sale attraction during the pre-sale.

The terms of further marketing cooperation can also be discussed as part of the pre-sale, which will require more detailed planning and communications. Either way, the team puts its mind and thinking caps together to shed light on each new pre-sale in the most prominent manner and as part of the “CrowdSwap for Projects” initiative

The Crowd Sales Setup Form


Rules regarding the funding and commissions are listed in this form section. It’s highly suggested to rifle through them carefully before accepting the conditions. 

Also, it’s necessary to understand how Crowd Sales operability works, which this section explains. 

The Crowd Sales Setup Form

The Finishing Touches 

Your form only requires one more check to reach its end: the “Terms and Conditions” legalities. Under such a window, you have the two “Clear” and “Save As” options if you decide to reverse the presets back to neutral or have your token pre-sale saved on CrowdSwap’s website for further use.

Contacting the Crypto Launchpad Sales Team

The steps mentioned above are required to complete the token pre-sale and to ignite its launch. If you have any other questions, please contact the sales team at “” for more information.

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