CrowdSwap partners with TMN Global to bring exclusive opportunities to DeFi 

CrowdSwap partners with TMN Global
CrowdSwap partners with TMN Global
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CrowdSwap is excited to announce its partnership with TMN Global, a project redefining the ownership, storage, and custody of digital assets using blockchain technology. Through the Partnership, CrowdSwap will provide TMN Global with financial products for the TMNG token, like Staking, Liquidity Pool, and Yield farming, to bring TMNG token to the DeFi sector. In addition, more collaboration on innovative topics are considered.

Status quo

Technology & Rare Earth Metals can be good investments for the future, but they are not easy to acquire. TMN Global is there to make this easy by redefining the ownership, storage, and custody of digital assets using blockchain technology. With TMNG, you can diversify your investment portfolio, earn passive income while you sleep, and earn referral commissions from products.

To open this opportunity to the DeFi sector, TMN Global will exclusively work with CrowdSwap to provide financial services like staking, liquidity pool, yield farming, and maybe more, as well as the functionality to swap the TMNG token at the best rates. Making it easy for TMN Global to concentrate on its project milestones. 

The partnership

TMNG Staking pool will start on CrowdSwap soon to give early investors a payback on their investment . With the creation of  a TMNG liquidity pool  the token will be whitelisted on CrowdSwap after launch. A Yield farming opportunity is planned to enhance the TMN Global market in the DeFI sector. We are excited to support TMN Global with our DeFi expertise and products on their journey of tokenization for the financial sector. TMN Global and CrowdSwap agreed to Further collaboration on innovative topics like security and seamless border-payment integrations.

About TMN Global

TMN Global operates as a company that is redefining ownership, storage, and custody of digital assets using blockchain technology. TMN Global is a cryptocurrency platform that provides a token based on the Ethereum blockchain called TMNG. With TMN Global, you can buy technology metals and rare earth metals – physically stored in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany, and Triesen, Liechtenstein. 

About CrowdSwap

CrowdSwap is a cross-chain automation and optimization platform for the DeFi opportunity space. With best-price-routing and cross-chain solutions, CrowdSwap provides safe passage to take the best opportunities fast and from anywhere. The on-Chain analysis will constantly monitor the market and provide you with the best options for your assets. Find out how easy DeFi can be at CrowdSwap.

Table of Contents

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