Incorporating zkSync Ecosystem on CrowdSwap Decentralized Exchange

Incorporating zkSync Ecosystem on CrowdSwap Decentralized Exchange
Incorporating zkSync Ecosystem on CrowdSwap Decentralized Exchange
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What’s CrowdSwap?

Is decentralized finances your next big move in life, but the terms swap, staking, and complex technologies blocking your way? Or is it the scams, hacks, and fear of unsuccessful yield farming

Whatever bottlenecks hold you behind the gates of DeFi, CrowdSwap can help. CrowdSwap is a decentralized exchange – aka DEX – aiming to deliver the best opportunities in the DeFi sector and turn dreadful investments into a piece of cake for users.

How Did CrowdSwap Start?

CrowdSwap is backed by a professional and dedicated technical team spearheaded by Christian Mülder (CEO) and Vahid Hassani (Co-Founder/CTO), both from Germany, having over 20 years of tech-industry experience in C-Levels between them.

They laid the first CrowdSwap building blocks in 2020, reminiscent of their knowledge of the crypto space since 2016, learning the trade-crafts.

Since then, the CrowdSwap growth train has only picked up the pace and new passengers. Today over 15 developers, three quality assurance personnel, a UX designer, a marketing team, and a sales team have dedicated themselves to providing the best service for the users.

What Features Does CrowdSwap Offer?

CrowdSwap is a one-stop all-you-need platform for swaps and crosschians in the DeFi sector with handy tools such as the cutting-edge Portfolio Manager for better token and trading management. On top of fast and cost-effective token replacement capabilities, CrowdSwap has branched out to other areas, providing solutions for even DeFi projects with the kinds of tools such as the launchpad – aka, Crowd Sales.

With Crowd Sales, users who want to invest in new DeFi projects and their token pre-sales receive a more feasible investment opportunity, deleting the fear of sacrificing an arm and a leg to become early investors!

Other Great Features Developed by CrowdSwap

Another outstanding accomplishment of CrowdSwap, is called the “FLT” or the “Fast Lane Transaction,” which simplifies crosschain routes into a few short clicks, cutting down on distance and, ultimately, the cost.

This feature fits wondrously into yield farmers’ required tools, swapping for token duos for liquidity pools (passive income), and in general, for finding the best routes through multiple DEXs. Combine the FLT with BPR or Best-price Routing – another excellent mechanism from CrowdSwap for lower costs – and it becomes apparent why transactions on CrowdSwap chains – including BSC, ETH, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum – cause so much attraction, and in the long run: addiction! 

More Chain-integrations in the Future (zkSync)

CrowdSwap always puts the user needs above all, so bringing the latest technologies onboard is not only justifiable, it’s a necessity. One of those technologies, set to be incorporated shortly, is the freedom and possibilities of a new and hyped chain called zkSync.

This will bring about a new era of crosschain swaps and liquidity pool accessibility for CrowdSwap users in a few weeks. The merger will accelerate reach to more pools and passive income as CrowdSwap prepares to offer its features on the future-bright zkSync chain.

zkSync, The Ultimate Bounty?

Warming up to a new DEX and letting go of swap habits can be challenging. But, if you’re fed up with high fees, complicated procedures, and limited access, then CrowdSwap is your key to safe and secure DeFi exploration.

CrowdSwap tinkles recipes and bangs at the door of creativity to become the next household name in the decentralized finance sector. Adding popular chains like zkSync is just the tip of the iceberg, and it’s only an uphill adventure for the CROWD token from here. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

Table of Contents

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