What’s CrowdSwap Portfolio Manager? 

What’s CrowdSwap Portfolio Manager?
What’s CrowdSwap Portfolio Manager?
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It’s easy to get lost in the whirlwind of token names and return rates while swapping or the implications of APY rates or the TVL volumes. It can all turn into a mess badly and quickly if not managed wisely. That’s why we decided to roll out a web-based free solution called the Portfolio Manager to help you sort out your assets and safely venture into any uncharted realm.

What Does it Exactly Do?

Portfolio Manager is a digital whiteboard laden with opportunities in the palm of your hand. It automatically rallies the most booming opportunities and liquidity pools for swaps and pocket-friendliest options, all handpicked and vouched by us. And to top it off, it’s completely free!

So, say goodbye to countless hours of tantalizing market and token investigations because salvation in a few clicks awaits you!

Why Portfolio Manager?

Aside from its cakewalk method and automated solutions, it depicts the best option routes, eradicating high gas fees: rows and rows of opportunities lined up in a neat user-friendly list ready to be salvaged.

It’s also incredibly straightforward to get the hang of using our Portfolio Manager, and it’s a plus that swaps and yield farming can happen in a short window without any headaches.

Portfolio Manager grants you complete control over your assets and a clear view of opportunities we deem worthy. It shines a light on your path to the most benefits.

Moreover, our support team is always ready on Discord, to whom you can submit tickets, and they will get back quickly. So you don’t need to be worried about anything while using the Portfolio Manager.

How to Use The Portfolio Manager?

Portfolio Manager is simple, hinting at a smooth learning curve into the delightful eventuality of growth!

That being as it is, here’s a video from YouTuber “SwissCryptoJay” to help you, with insightful tidbits to level up your understanding of our PM.

Further Updates

The die is cast for a 2.0 version drop-off by the end of our 2023 Q1 roadmap. However, the devil rests in the details, and, unfortunately, we can’t share much now and here. However, we promise a climb to an even handier and more overarching tool that will undoubtedly take your breath away when it releases.

Table of Contents

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