How to invest in CROWD/ARB pool

How to Invest in CrowdSwap Liquidity Pools?
How to Invest in CrowdSwap Liquidity Pools?
CROWD Staking




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One of the investment methods in CROWD/ARB LP Farm is to utilize the CROWD token. In this opportunity, we suggest reducing your costs: you can purchase the required amount of CROWD from the Polygon network, where we have liquidity pools with over one million dollars in TVL.

  • Then, you can bridge the CROWD token from the Polygon network to the Arbitrum network on our Cross-Chain page.
  • After successfully bridging, navigate to the “Opportunities” tab located at the top of the page.
  • Go to the CROWD/ARB LP Farm opportunity.
  • Choose the asset you want to invest in then click on the “Allow to use” button.You can invest with tokens from other chains too. Our Cross-Chain Powered investment feature will swap your inital tokens to pair tokens in the liquidity pool and continues the invest process to the end.
  • You get the overview page, and you can see the confirm button; click it.

Then confirm it on your wallet, And finish…

Table of Contents

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