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Reflecting on the conclusion of 2023, marked by triumphs and challenges, we extend our sincere gratitude for your unwavering support. Looking forward to 2024, we anticipate a year of exhilarating experiences and notable financial milestones for CrowdSwap and our valued CROWDers. Your continued presence is genuinely appreciated. 

A brief overview of 2023

Over the last year, our efforts have been steadfastly committed to pursuing our core objective—streamlining the world of decentralized finance (DeFi). Our mission centered around establishing an inclusive environment where individuals, regardless of their background or level of expertise, could actively participate and reap the benefits. Let’s take a brief look at CrowdSwap’s activities in 2023 in this regard:

New features:

New blockchains:

  • Arbitrum, zkSync, and Optimism

Improvements and UI/UX Changes:

  • Merging Swap and Cross-Chain functionalities 
  • New opportunity UI

Business Solutions:

CROWD journey:

Other activities:

Our journey is marked by a commitment to excellence, simplicity, and inclusivity in the evolving landscape of DeFi. 

December Recap

The Largest Burn in the History of CrowdSwap

We recently executed the largest burn in CrowdSwap’s history: burning 100 million CROWD this month. This remarkable event is a testament to our commitment to sustainable growth. Following this burn, CROWD’s total supply has reached 609 million.

Looking ahead, our strategic vision involves reducing the total supply of CROWD to approximately 513 million over the next two years. We plan to implement this reduction through two mechanisms:

-Burning tokens at various intervals over two years.

-Automatically burning a portion of the fees generated in the CROWD bridge after each transaction.

More info:

Advanced Portfolio Manager

During a recent release, we focused on upgrading one of our most beloved features, Portfolio Manager. Users on the CrowdSwap platform can easily organize their assets in their portfolio based on quantity, dollar value, and price, providing them with a more user-friendly experience for managing assets.

The most crucial addition to the crypto portfolio is Crypto Transfer. It is a feature that greatly assists you in preventing phishing attacks on your account. By clicking on the ‘Send’ button on the portfolio page, you can check the recipient’s wallet with information like when the first transaction was, whether you are sending on the same network, its balance, and the last transaction of the account. This feature serves as a valuable safeguard against potential phishing attempts.

CrowdSwap Advanced Portfolio Manager

CROWD Listing on Coinstore

In November, we shared the upcoming CROWD listing with our community on a centralized exchange. True to our commitment, the listing process was completed, and as of December, CROWD has officially become part of CeFi.

This development opens up new avenues for our community. Now, enthusiasts can actively participate in the trading of CROWD on this centralized exchange. This step will further enhance accessibility and liquidity.

Offering Bonuses to CROWD Buyers

We communicated to CROWD buyers that, upon purchasing tokens and holding or staking them for a month, they would be eligible for a 2% bonus. This bonus was elevated to 5% for members of the LTH. Following the conclusion of the specified period, starting from December 21, this bonus was distributed to buyers based on the date of token purchase.

Upcoming Features

As in previous years, our central objective for 2024 is centered around providing CROWDers and partners with services and features designed to streamline and elevate their experience in the DeFi space. To kickstart 2024, we are unveiling a feature that exemplifies remarkable advancements within the DeFi.

Cross-Chain Limit Order

Soon, on CrowdSwap, you will have two methods to execute your cross-chain transactions:

-You can perform your transaction based on the market price and receive your tokens instantly.

-You can customize them with your desired price, allowing the transaction to occur when the market price reaches your specified amount.

The cross-chain Limit Order feature provides greater flexibility when conducting cross-chain transactions and converting tokens across different blockchains, empowering you to customize your transactions with your preferred price.


In summary, 2023 was a year of significant achievements and challenges for CrowdSwap. The year saw notable enhancements in DeFi features, successful token burns, strategic listings, and the introduction of innovative plans.  We express our gratitude and eagerly anticipate a promising 2024 marked by pioneering advancements, community engagement, and continued growth. Thank you for being an integral part of the CrowdSwap family.

Table of Contents

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