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Coinstore Listing
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Since we announced that CROWD would be listed on a Centralized Exchange, the CrowdSwap community has been thrilled and supportive. We want to express our gratitude to our community and supporters who have always believed in our vision and mission and have stayed with us over the years. This article will take a Deep Dive into CROWD’s listing on Coinstore and its benefits for both CROWD and CrowdSwap.

Coinstore: First choice for Token launch

Now that we all know CROWD will get listed on Coinstore let’s look at who they are and what they have accomplished. We’ll explore why this is more than just a token listing; it’s a strategic alliance for both parties.

Established in 2020, Coinstore is a leading cryptocurrency exchange in South East Asia. It may have started in Asia, but its strategy led to its becoming a platform with over 1.8 million users in 175 countries and 180 employees worldwide. They provide users with fast, smooth, secure cryptocurrency and NFT trading services.

Marketplace of Opportunities

Coinstore aims to offer a marketplace full of opportunities. One of their main strategies is to list tokens from promising projects such as CrowdSwap to create an environment to trade them more quickly, diversify their range of tokens, and gain the trust of their communities.

User-Friendly Interface 

Dealing with the complexities of cryptocurrency trading is always a challenge. Coinstore has an easy-to-use interface suitable for beginners and experts alike. You can trade, follow the market trends, and handle your portfolio easily in a straightforward interface.

Security First

Security should always be at the heart of a platform; Coinstore employs advanced encryption, two-factor authentication, and secure storage methods to ensure users can trade confidently.

Liquidity and Market Dynamics

Coinstore does more than just enable trades; it creates a liquid market experience. The platform’s focus on liquidity means transactions are smooth and fast, leading to a more active trading environment that keeps up with the constantly evolving world of cryptocurrency.

The integration of our Web3 Solution

CROWD isn’t just getting listed on a Centralized Exchange; this is part of a larger, strategic plan. From the early days, we thought if we ever decided to get listed, it would be in a bullish market, and the Exchange wouldn’t just list us; they would become our partner and use our Web3 solution. Now, as we list on Coinstore, we have achieved exactly that. Coinstore, with its capabilities in both CEX and DEX, is implementing our Web3 solution for the DEX part of their applications.

This presents a tremendous opportunity for the millions of their users to experience firsthand what CrowdSwap has to offer. The surge of new user base will help sustain many of our features and further scale our platform until we reach our ultimate goal: mass adoption of DeFi.

Why the Coinstore Listing is a Game-Changer for CrowdSwap:

Picture this: CrowdSwap, the Next Generation Decentralized Exchange with numerous features, widgets, and gadgets, now has the potential to reach 1.8 million new users. The significance of this listing goes beyond the standard crypto milestones; Having CROWD on a Centralized Exchange (CEX) with high trading volume means increased daily trading volume for CROWD, which leads to a more sustainable CrowdSwap. Let’s not forget CROWD is a utility token at the heart of our platform and its best prices.

Expanded Visibility and Accessibility:

Coinstore’s vast and varied user community gives CrowdSwap extraordinary exposure and reach. Let’s put it this way: CrowdSwap is going to a space where traders, investors, and enthusiasts from every part of the cryptocurrency world exist.

Credibility Boost: 

Think about it. What does CrowdSwap have to offer? Our core competency is a powerful Web3 solution, which is the product of two years of perfecting this feature. There are thousands of platforms suited to use our Web3 solution out there, and having Coinstore as our showcase boosts our credibility, opening the door for these platforms to integrate our solution.

CROWD Holders Advantage: 

CROWD is a utility token used as an intermediary in our cross-chain transactions. Part of this process involves burning a percentage of the fees generated in CROWD. With the integration of our Cross-Chain solution in Coinstore, there will be more transactions, leading to more CROWD being burned, which organically raises the value of our token. Not all CROWD Holders will also have a share in this new revenue stream when the project becomes a DAO.

Is it too late to Buy CROWD now?

There has not been a better time for those of you who are thinking whether to buy CROWD now or not. Here’s why:

Early Advantage

The statistics and history show us that first listings result in a very sharp bullish trend in many cases. Any wise investor would think of adding CROWD to their portfolio. You can now add CROWD to your portfolio to be an early investor and use this potential for a significant profit.

CrowdSwap as a DAO

We still have our plan to become a DAO, and our ultimate goal was always to share our platform’s revenue with our community and holders; right now is the best time to get involved because CROWD is at a low, and you can have a more significant share of the generated the said revenue with less money.


In conclusion, CROWD’s listing on Coinstore reflects our dedication to growth and passion for our visions. Integrating our Web3 solution into a platform with millions of users is a significant step forward. It will give us the edge we need to boost our chance of visibility among other potential customers of our many solutions. We are so excited for the road ahead and thankful for the support of our fantastic community. Together, we will continue to reach new heights!


Why is the listing on Coinstore significant for CrowdSwap?

The Coinstore listing is significant as it enhances the visibility, accessibility, and credibility of CrowdSwap, providing more opportunities for community growth and recognition.

How does the Coinstore listing benefit CrowdSwap users?

The listing brings improved liquidity and trading opportunities, creating a more dynamic user market experience. It also signifies trust and reliability, instilling confidence among investors.

What does the Coinstore listing mean for the future of CrowdSwap?

The listing is a stepping stone to a stronger future for CrowdSwap, opening doors to new possibilities and laying the foundation for continued growth and success.

How can users take advantage of the increased trading pairs on Coinstore?

Users can explore new trading pairs to diversify their portfolios and take advantage of the increased trading volume, contributing to a more dynamic and vibrant trading environment.

How does the Coinstore listing contribute to community building?

The listing enhances community building by attracting a wider audience, fostering diversity, and recognizing the collective efforts of the CrowdSwap community.

Is Coinstore a reputable platform for cryptocurrency trading?

Yes, Coinstore is a reputable and trusted platform in the crypto space, providing a secure and reliable environment for trading various cryptocurrencies.

What should users look forward to after the CrowdSwap listing on Coinstore?

Users can look forward to a more dynamic and exciting trading experience, increased community engagement, and the potential for further partnerships and collaborations as CrowdSwap grows.

Table of Contents

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