CROWD token journey on zkSync ecosystem

CROWD token journey on zkSync ecosystem


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CROWD token journey on zkSync ecosystem
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Bringing the Tried and True Solutions to zkSync

With the new zkSync looming over the horizon, we, the CrowdSwap team, rejoice the new ventures awaiting for the CROWD token.

So far, we’ve managed to streamline the idea of any-toke multichain crosschain notion and improve upon it. Our tried and tested solution works implacably on the five present networks: BSC, Ethereum, Avalanche, Arbitrum, and Polygon – set to be six in no time. However, with the fresh-prince zySync ecosystem hosed to our platform, we’re refocusing much-needed attention on other sectors.

What Opportunities Awaits Users after zkSync Integration?

In the zkSync era, our users – possibly YOU! – can revel in easy and fast transactions, such as investing in sales with BNB or pools with Matic, without the hassle of manual asset bridging. You can leave that up to CrowdSwap’s problem-solving crosschain protocol.

Furthermore, the CROWD token will be freed of Polygon-exclusivity and begin its journey on the multichain side. The CROWD Bridge will become more prominent in our crosschain capabilities ushering in a new era of cost-effective and more reliable investment opportunities. 

With the CROWD token boosted and the CROWD Bridge created, CROWD-holders will too enjoy a swath of new staking and yield farming opportunities. All of this in the grand dystopia of zkSync on CrowdSwap. 

zkSync Renewing CROWD Utility

CrowdSwap is a handy combination of knot-untangling features in the DeFi sector, way above the run-of-the-mill decentralized exchange or simple investment platform – even without the zkSync integration. 

The BPR or the FLT solutions (Best-price Routing and Fast Lane Transactions) alone are steadfast monuments helping users find the best routes and save on costly gas fees while sidestepping long process times. 

So, it’s time to revolutionize your finances and empower your unbanked movement with CrowdSwap. Take your spot in this new era and the pools and opportunities that will open up to you as we incorporate and enlist the DEXs on zkSync.  Visit our dApp and discover the many benefits of CrowdSwap and $Crowd, soon available on zkSync.

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