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October recap
October recap
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DeFi, where financial opportunities are not confined to a select few but are open to all. One of CrowdSwap’s primary objectives is to ensure that DeFi is accessible to everyone and supported by an efficient and user-friendly application. CrowdSwap aims to introduce features that empower individuals to participate in the DeFi ecosystem, unlock earning opportunities, and have a frictionless experience. This article examines the performance of this project in October and outlines their plans for November.

New Features and Improvements Following the Release 13

In our pursuit of providing the best possible experience to our users, we introduced a set of new features and improvements with the Lucky 13 version in October. The goal of these advancements is to simplify your interactions with our platform and make your journey more convenient:

Portfolio Management for Pre-sale Participants:

To make this process easier and more intuitive, we’ve introduced a new feature that allows pre-sale participants to manage their investments directly from the portfolio page.

Seamless Navigation During Transactions:

Have you ever been in the middle of a crucial transaction only to realize you need to check something else on the exchange page? With our latest update, you no longer need to worry about your ongoing transactions. We’ve implemented a seamless navigation system that lets you switch between sections on our platform without affecting the status of your ongoing transaction.

Flexible Transaction Fees Based on Volume:

Your transaction fees are now based on the volume of your trades. This means larger transactions now have reduced costs, allowing you to maximize your returns.

Opportunity News:

Our commitment to optimizing APY has led us to regularly rebalance certain LP Farms weekly, considering market conditions and platform usage. These efforts ensure our users enjoy the highest potential returns while participating in LP Farm opportunities.

However, as we move forward, we must announce that the final week of October marked the end of an era. This was the last week for LP Farm rebalancing on two of our prominent LP Farms: 

-MATIC/USDC on Polygon LP Farm 

-ARB/ETH on Arbitrum LP Farm.

Exciting Contest:

In October, we infused humor and creativity into social media with the ‘Meme Contest. Participants flooded our Twitter and Discord channels with memes about CrowdSwap. It was a reminder that creativity knows no bounds and our community’s sense of humor is second to none.

The sheer number of entries, the quality of the content, and the spirited discussions it sparked reaffirmed our belief that the community is the backbone of our project. However, for November, we have even more plans, so be sure to stay with us.

CrowdSwap’s Journey

We’ve always believed in keeping our community at the forefront of every decision. 

Since mid-October, we’ve engaged in discussions and conversations with our community about the first and second phases of the CROWD token launch:

The first phase was an exhilarating one. We kicked it off by selling $1.5 million worth of CROWD tokens. The proceeds from this sale were not just a financial milestone; they were a testament to the trust and support our community has in our vision. With these funds, we embarked on a mission to create an efficient and feature-rich platform that aligns with the core principles of DeFi.

We promised to deliver a comprehensive platform, and during this period, we’re delighted to say we’ve successfully fulfilled that promise. 

Looking ahead to the second phase:

We aim to transform CrowdSwap into a DAO and share revenue with CROWD holders. To achieve this, our objective is to market to attract new users and increase transactions. We endeavor to onboard new investors to the project at the opportune time for CROWD token acquisition.

Upcoming Campaign: Ambassador Program

Our journey to becoming DAO is guided by a powerful vision that places users at the heart of our mission. To achieve this goal, we plan to expand our community and strengthen transaction activity on our platform.

The increase in transaction volume on our platform not only brings us success but also ensures that more income returns to CROWD holders.

To kickstart this transformative journey, we’re about to embark on an extraordinary Ambassador Campaign. The CrowdSwap Ambassador Campaign is a three-month plan to bring more users into our platform and boost transaction volumes. We’ll offer the highest ambassador commissions, surpassing what you’ll find on other platforms. Stay tuned for the official launch of the campaign, and get ready for an incredible ride. More details and instructions on how to join will be provided shortly.

Upcoming Features

Cross-Chain Invest: A Unique Feature in DeFi

Our Enhanced Cross-Chain Invest takes liquidity pool participation to a whole new level. It’s designed to empower you to utilize tokens from any blockchain network without the need to acquire specific tokens or face the hassle of conversion. We believe in making DeFi not only accessible but also incredibly convenient for our users.

You may have noticed a brief absence of this feature on our platform recently, but rest assured, it was all part of our master plan to make it even better. We’ve been working on upgrading our Cross-Chain Invest to deliver precise price estimations and an overall improved user experience.

Starting this month, the Cross-Chain Invest feature is returning triumphantly.

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Improvement with BPR

Our Best Price Routing system has always been at the heart of our swap feature, diligently analyzing the pathways of various platforms to ensure you get the most favorable rates. Incorporating additional platforms into the Best Price Routing process in November, we are strengthening our commitment even further. This expansion allows you to access a wider array of trade routes, resulting in reduced price impact and increased cost efficiency. This enhancement is particularly advantageous when trading CROWD tokens on the Polygon network.

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Improvement with Exchange UI 

The exchange UI in the application will be improved, with one of the key features being the enhanced ease of entering decimal numbers.

Users will be able to input decimal values effortlessly, and they will have the flexibility to choose their preferred decimal separator, whether it is ‘.’ or ‘,’. This update will make your user experience smoother.

Integrating a New Network

In November, we will expand your access to the DeFi space. Currently, our application supports six networks, and we’re committed to adding the Optimism network to our network collection soon. This enhancement will allow you to seamlessly swap your tokens between this network or bridge them across various chains. With the integration of this network, you’ll have the opportunity to enhance your asset management and leverage more opportunities.

Upgrading the Swap Widget

Our Cross-Chain Widget is a practical solution for all projects, especially new startups. By offering this widget, we’ve provided an opportunity for projects to offer their users a seamless and efficient token-swapping experience in the shortest time possible, allowing them to manage their portfolios with ease.

Our goal for November is to accurately calculate the revenue generated by this widget and distribute a share of it to the platforms that utilize it. This presents an incredible opportunity for all DeFi projects.

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Transaction History

With this new feature, users can access their transaction history, which can be sorted. You can review your transaction history based on timeframes, transactions (swaps and cross-chain), transaction fees, transaction values, tokens, and network. 

This level of granularity in transaction history ensures you have a clear view of your financial activities(swaps and cross-chain).

Moreover, for transactions currently in progress and taking longer than expected, we offer a convenient ‘cancel’ option, putting the control back in your hands.


November is a pivotal month in our pursuit of expanding our user base and enhancing transaction activity on our application. The creation of our upcoming ambassador campaign emerges as a cornerstone in our strategy, poised to contribute to our overarching objectives significantly. We are poised to make significant strides towards empowering and engaging our CROWDers.

Table of Contents

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