November Recap

November Recap
November Recap
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In November, we unveiled an announcement, marking a remarkable milestone in the legacy of CrowdSwap. The news ignited enthusiasm and excitement from the CROWDers, underscoring an accomplishment for CROWD. As we step into December, we eagerly anticipate reaching unprecedented peaks. Grand moments lie in wait for CROWD in the days ahead.

First Ever CROWD Listing on a Centralized Exchanges

In November, we excitedly announced a development to our CROWDers, revealing plans for the imminent listing of the CROWD token on Coinstore.

This event marks a significant achievement for CROWD. Following the announcement, the trading volume for CROWD experienced a rapid surge, leading to a substantial increase in the token’s value. This milestone is in our journey… 

Stay tuned for more significant updates and strategic moves in December.

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Exceptional Ambassador Program

In November, we introduced a time-limited unique ambassador program. As part of this initiative, we presented a 60% commission, a benchmark unmatched by any other decentralized platform.

This program offers a distinctive opportunity for individuals to harness their potential and generate income. By providing an unparalleled commission structure, we aim to empower our community of ambassadors and foster a new era of collaborative success.

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Release 14: Easier Access to the DeFi Space

Transaction History Feature

In the latest Release, we introduced a user-friendly feature on the platform, allowing users to review their transactions quickly. Now, you can check your transaction. Additionally, you can press the “Cancel” button for ongoing transactions or those taking longer than expected.

Improved Cross-Chain Invest

Embark on an investment journey with CrowdSwap’s unique feature, enabling you to invest effortlessly with any token across your blockchain networks. Say goodbye to the requirement of holding specific pair tokens for liquidity pool farms. This feature’s enhanced and seamlessly upgraded version is now accessible to you. Dive into a world of simplified and diversified investment opportunities with CrowdSwap!

Improvement with BPR

The functionality of best price routing plays a pivotal role in the Swap. It guarantees that, throughout transaction execution, users consistently access the best prices available across diverse platforms. In our latest update, we’ve expanded the range of platforms involved in this process. This enhancement proves especially advantageous when engaging in CROWD trades on the polygon network.

Improvement with Swap UI 

From after the latest release, you can effortlessly input decimal numbers in the application using either ‘.’ or ‘,’ as the decimal separator. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance your user experience!

Upgrading the Exchange Widget

Our enhanced Exchange widget is a game-changer, empowering all projects to seamlessly execute Swap and Cross-Chain transactions on their platform. This upgrade comes with a precision-driven approach to calculate the revenue generated by the widget, ensuring accurate distribution of a share to the platforms leveraging this powerful tool. Stay at the forefront of innovation and elevate your transaction experience with our upgraded Exchange widget.

Integrating an Optimism Network

We have added a new network to the set of networks supported in the application: Optimism. Using this network, you can carry out Swap and Cross-Chain transactions on the CrowdSwap application:

✅ Gas Fee Reduction

✅ Speedy Transactions

✅ Cross-Chain Trading

However, please be aware that this network’s CROWD token is unavailable. Check it Now.

The “Max” Button in Swap and Cross-Chain Transactions

The “Max” button in the Swap and Cross-Chain Transactions section allows users to input all tokens from their wallet conveniently. Instead of manually entering the amount, users can simply click the “Max” button, allowing the system to input the maximum available tokens for the desired transaction automatically. 

Now, In the application’s classic Swap and Exchange section, You can use the “Max” button.

Fast Lane with CrowdSwap Portfolio

Our platform directly displays your assets, ensuring a seamless experience faster than Metamask, Trust Wallet, or traditional blockchain scanners. 

With CrowdSwap, head straight to your portfolio and witness the efficiency in action!

The appealing part of this feature is that you can customize the display for the network you desire.

Upcoming Features

Cross-Chain Limit Orders

With cross-chain limit orders, traders can schedule and execute transactions across various blockchain networks, automating transactions and enabling them to capitalize on optimal prices for their trades. This functionality enhances flexibility and efficiency in managing transactions across multiple chains, giving traders greater control over their decentralized financial activities.

Payment Service

A payment service with cryptocurrencies involves using cryptocurrencies to conduct financial transactions. This feature enables individuals and businesses to send and receive payments in cryptocurrencies.

Soon, business platforms can provide these services to their customers by integrating the CrowdSwap widget.

Bridging CROWD from the zkSync Network

In the near future, you will be able to unlock new possibilities for your CROWD tokens by seamlessly bridging them across the zkSync network to BSC, Polygon, and Arbitrum networks. Additionally, you will effortlessly bridge CROWD tokens from Polygon to zkSync, ensuring your tokens’ smooth and efficient management.

Integration of New Networks

In our relentless pursuit of innovation, we are gearing up to integrate two new networks – Linea and Base. These networks will also be incorporated alongside the existing networks that CrowdSwap supports in the swap and cross-chain processes. Overall, this announcement signals a forward-looking approach, anticipating positive developments for users involved in decentralized finance.


In conclusion, CrowdSwap’s journey in November has captured significant attention, and we eagerly anticipate the advent of December, foreseeing even more incredible strides in progress.

The groundbreaking listing of CROWD tokens on a centralized exchange has led to increased trading volume and a substantial boost in the token’s value. We are committed to building upon this success with ambitious plans for December, promising more updates and strategic moves that will further enhance the value of CROWD.

This journey continues, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to guiding innovation in the decentralized financial space.

Table of Contents

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