June Recap

June Recap


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June Recap
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In the past months, we at CrowdSwap have made great strides in our mission to make DeFi more accessible to everyone. We’ve introduced new features that simplify the user experience, making it easier for both new and experienced users to navigate our platform. Our goal is to make DeFi more understandable and user-friendly.

Looking ahead, we have many exciting plans to reach a wider audience and make a bigger impact in the DeFi space. We deeply appreciate your ongoing support and thank you for being with us on this journey. Together, we are making DeFi accessible to all.

Exciting Times with the CrowdSwap Airdrop

CrowdSwap has been buzzing with activity this month thanks to our exciting airdrop campaign. By joining the airdrop, you can earn points through simple tasks and compete for a share of 2 million CROWDs. We update the tasks weekly, so make sure to check the airdrop page regularly and keep boosting your points.

Don’t forget completing higher-point transactional tasks can give you an edge over the competition. But hurry—opportunities are limited, and you don’t want to miss out! Stay active, stay engaged, and make the most of this chance.

Sign up here: crowdswap.org/airdrop/

CROWD’s New Listing and Partnership

We reached a milestone in June: CROWD is now listed on the well-known centralized exchange, Biconomy. This makes it easier for those involved in CeFi to purchase CROWD. But the good news doesn’t stop there.

More importantly, the partnership between CrowdSwap and Biconomy has just begun and it not only benefits our projects but also every new project that is listed on their platform and needs a reliable Web3 solution. Additionally, Biconomy’s extensive user base now has a straightforward and secure entry into the DeFi world through CrowdSwap.

We are enthusiastic about this partnership’s potential and look forward to sharing more updates as we grow together. 

More info: Unlock New Opportunities: CROWD Listed on Biconomy Exchange

Upcoming Feature

As we move into July, our main focus is on enhancing our most critical feature: Cross-Chain. 

CrowdSwap’s New Cross-Chain 

We’re to announce that a new version is on the way. This update simplifies exchanges, provides lightning-fast experiences, and offers the lowest fees across blockchain networks.

This new version will greatly expand our capabilities, enabling us to quickly integrate various blockchains, including some unique ones not found on other platforms. The updated cross-chain solution will also be more flexible, allowing us to offer better pricing for these and other services.

But that’s not all. Soon, we’ll introduce an exciting feature that lets you earn a share of transaction fees. With just one click, you can become a liquidity provider and earn profits faster and more easily than ever before.


In June, we expanded our community through our airdrop, injecting enthusiasm and excitement into our platform. Concurrently, we enabled CROWD purchases for centralized exchange enthusiasts and introduced CrowdSwap to a wider audience through our collaboration with the Biconomy. The upcoming months are pivotal for our platform as we have planned significant improvements to cross-chain and unique features that will greatly contribute to the project’s advancement.

Table of Contents

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