January Recap

January Recap
January Recap
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We finished the year’s first month and carefully planned what was coming. This year will be a big effort in the ever-changing crypto world and the complex DeFi landscape.

We’re determined to do well despite all the challenges. The plans we made are like maps that will help us move forward and find a significant place in the competitive crypto world.

In this fast-changing landscape, our main goal is simple: These plans aim to expand our community by attracting projects and users. We expect a year of big growth, with goals that are even higher than what we aimed for in the past.

Limit Order

Following the release 15.0 in January, you not only have the capability to execute your cross-chain transactions based on current market prices but also harness the power of the Limit Order feature. This addition allows you to customize your cross-chain transactions to align with your preferred price. Transactions will occur when the market aligns with your specified price, providing a more personalized and strategic approach to your transactions.

For more info: CrowdSwap: The ultimate DEX for cross-chain transactions and limit orders

Locked Staking

In the latest updates, we’ve introduced the Locked Staking plan. Users can now enhance their APY by locking their assets for a specified duration. This feature is currently available for TMNG on Polygon and CROWD on Avalanche. It will be implemented on various blockchains such as BSC and Polygon.

Another noteworthy adjustment involves a reduction in the APY for CROWD staking, now set at 8%. This strategic move is designed to attract more liquidity to the CROWD pools, ultimately enabling the platform to offer more efficient swap opportunities and attract a larger community of projects and users.

Listing on Magic Store

CrowdSwap is listed on the Magic Store this month. Positioned as a discovery and engagement hub, Magic Store provides users with a space to delve into innovative solutions and actively engage with them.  We view it as an opportunity to extend our reach and accessibility to a wider audience. This listing can open up new opportunities for our project and strengthen our presence in the Web3 space. A thank you to our community for your support of the voting process. But you were not alone 29,000 users voted for our project & and 91% of them said yes to CrowdSwap being on Magic Store.

MoneyFoxx and CrowdSwap

The MoneyFoxx community can enjoy hassle-free cross-chain exchanges with just one click. This convenience has been made possible because we were able to strengthen this platform using our own web3 solution. Through this collaboration, our cross-chain widget has been integrated, undoubtedly leading to empowering the MoneyFoxx community and increasing CrowdSwap’s reach.

DTC and CrowdSwap

In this partnership, DTC has integrated the Web3 solution of CrowdSwap. This Group is a leading Web3 Incubator, Accelerator, and Marketing Firm. They have extensive connections, working with the top 30 centralized exchanges, 20 launchpads, and over 200 projects. Their expertise lies in offering Web3 solutions to projects and aiding the transition of Web2 organizations to the new digital landscape.

DMC and CrowdSwap

The proposal to integrate the CrowdSwap bridge solution into the DMC ecosystem has been put up for voting! Following this integration, access to various EVM blockchains will be possible. However, it’s a pivotal decision that requires a positive vote from their community. Until now, a significant percentage of votes has been positive, and if this integration is approved, it will proceed.

Upcoming Features

Integration of New Networks

In our relentless pursuit of innovation, we are gearing up to integrate two new networks – Linea and Base. Get ready to explore a world of possibilities as we seamlessly integrate with these Networks. This development will unlock many opportunities for decentralized finance enthusiasts, providing access to exciting features and boosting your trading capabilities.

User’s score of VIP Club

CrowdSwap users will soon be able to monitor their VIP ranking, which is directly influenced by their engagement within the platform. The VIP Club will deliver unique benefits tailored to each individual’s rank. The presentation of these rankings will soon be integrated into the portfolio, allowing users to check their ranking by connecting their wallet.

At CrowdSwap, our unwavering commitment is to simplify the intricate world of DeFi for our users, ensuring quicker and more profitable journeys. Aligned with this mission, soon, within the exchange page of our application, you’ll be able to delve into the world of trending market tokens. Picture this: discovering and swiftly acquiring these tokens, all seamlessly integrated on the same page, ensuring both speed and security.

Online Chat to communicate

We will soon unveil an online chat feature for seamless online communication between users and the CrowdSwap platform. This feature will be presented as a secure communication tool facilitating user interaction and support. Whether you have questions or need assistance, our online chat will be the go-to space.

Payment widget

The future of financial transactions is evolving, and cryptocurrencies are at the forefront of this revolution. A payment service utilizing cryptocurrencies empowers individuals and businesses to send and receive payments in the cryptocurrency realm.

Business platforms are on the brink of unlocking this innovative capability for their customers. With the CrowdSwap payment widget, businesses can soon offer cryptocurrency payment services, bringing efficiency and versatility to their financial transactions.

New website 

Exciting changes are underway as we prepare to launch a brand new look for our website! At the heart of this makeover is a commitment to elevating your user experience on our platform. Our primary goal is optimizing the website, ensuring users benefit from improved interaction.


Anticipating a year of substantial growth, our aspirations soar higher than ever before. This year is not merely about meeting goals; it’s about surpassing them and leaving an indelible mark in the ever-evolving crypto space. Join us in this exciting future as we navigate the DeFi landscape with confidence and unyielding ambition!

Table of Contents

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