CrowdSwap Partners with KyberSwap

CrowdSwap Partners with KyberSwap
CrowdSwap Partners with KyberSwap
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CrowdSwap x KyberSwap: A Powerful Partnership for Liquidity and Cross-Chain Swaps on zkSync

At CrowdSwap, we take pride in our Best-Price-Routing (BPR) tool, which has garnered immense popularity among our users. The positive response and enthusiasm have fueled our drive to continuously improve it, channeling our development team’s energy into making it even better with each passing day.

Since the integration of zkSync, our users have enjoyed enhanced scalability, security, and efficiency in their cross-chain transactions. The positive feedback and enthusiasm we received reaffirm our dedication to advancing our services and delivering the best possible experience to our community. In line with this commitment, our development team has tirelessly worked to integrate KyberSwap as our trusted DEX for Best-Price-Routing (BPR) on the zkSync network.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the expansion of our partnership with KyberSwap, a decentralized exchange protocol renowned for its frictionless crypto liquidity and unparalleled flexibility. This collaboration builds upon our successful joint efforts on Polygon and Arbitrum, as we now integrate KyberSwap as the DEX for BPR on the zkSync network, further extending the reach of our liquidity solutions. Also we will work together in cross-chain and abstraction

Empowering Liquidity Solutions

CrowdSwap, the decentralized crypto exchange known for its seamless trading experiences and advanced features, has chosen KyberSwap as a vital liquidity provider for the zkSync network. By incorporating KyberSwap’s cutting-edge technology, we amplify our users’ access to liquidity and provide them with even more trading opportunities. This strategic integration enables us to offer superior rates to traders, ensuring capital efficiency and maximizing returns for liquidity providers.

Expanding across Layer 2 Networks

In addition to the existing support on Polygon and Arbitrum, our integration with KyberSwap on zkSync strengthens our commitment to serving users across various Layer 2 networks. This expansion allows us to tap into the scalability and efficiency of zkSync, empowering traders with fast and secure cross-chain transactions. By providing liquidity on multiple Layer 2 solutions, we aim to offer a diverse range of options to our users, catering to their specific needs and preferences.

Charting the Path to Tomorrow: Exciting Future Plans

Looking ahead, we are excited to share our future plans for the partnership between CrowdSwap and KyberSwap. We have ambitious goals to introduce a new liquidity pool, specifically the ETH/USDC pair, which will unlock exciting trading opportunities for our users. By participating in this upcoming liquidity pool, traders will not only benefit from the seamless trading experience and advanced features of CrowdSwap but also have the opportunity to earn CROWD tokens as rewards. This future addition will further expand our Total Value Locked (TVL) and solidify our commitment to providing diverse liquidity options for our growing community. Stay tuned for more updates as we work together to bring this exciting feature to fruition.

Shared Vision and Advancements

The partnership between CrowdSwap and KyberSwap represents our shared vision of revolutionizing decentralized finance and delivering unparalleled trading experiences to users. By combining CrowdSwap’s best-price-routing and aggregation algorithm with KyberSwap’s market-leading liquidity solutions, we are well-positioned to provide traders with enhanced liquidity, seamless cross-chain transactions, and rewarding opportunities.

About CrowdSwap

CrowdSwap is a decentralized crypto exchange that offers advanced features for seamless crypto trading and investing. With a strong emphasis on transparency, CrowdSwap enables transparent token transfers between chains, empowering users with full control over their assets. Leveraging its best-price-routing and aggregation algorithm, CrowdSwap ensures users can capitalize on the best opportunities in the crypto space while enjoying fast and secure cross-chain functionality.

About KyberSwap

KyberSwap is a decentralized exchange protocol that redefines crypto liquidity, delivering exceptional flexibility and capital efficiency. As a trusted liquidity provider on multiple Layer 2 networks, KyberSwap offers superior rates for traders and maximizes returns for liquidity providers. With a track record of excellence, KyberSwap powers thousands of transactions, enabling users to seamlessly trade and invest in cryptocurrencies.


Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to collaborate with KyberSwap on further integrations and advancements, enabling users to unlock the full potential of decentralized trading in the crypto market. Together, CrowdSwap and KyberSwap are at the forefront of driving innovation in decentralized finance, revolutionizing liquidity solutions, and empowering users with enhanced trading experiences.

Table of Contents

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