CrowdSwap partners with Work X

CrowdSwap partners with Work X
CrowdSwap partners with Work X
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We are thrilled to unveil our upcoming pre-sale token event in partnership with Work X,  a decentralized and cost-based job economy where employers and employees are matched without any commercial intermediaries. 

If you want to be at the forefront of the ‘Internet of Jobs’, embrace the power of Work X and secure your place in the future of work, facilitated by CrowdSwap’s user-friendly DeFi platform. Together, we will reshape the way we find, hire, and collaborate in the digital era. Join the Work X Revolution with CrowdSwap!

The KYC process will start from 10th July on our launch pad. More details of the Work X pre-sale token event will be announced soon, including token specifications, sale timeline, and how to participate. Stay updated by following our Telegram channel and Twitter page, where we will share the latest news and updates.

About Work X: Work X is an innovative marketplace where work meets talent. With features like peer-to-peer matching, unbiased hiring & development, AI insights and verified skill references,  Work X is reshaping the way we work together. Trusted by renowned organizations such as Deloitte, APG, The Dutch Blockchain Coalition and the European Commission, Work X is building an innovative network for professionals.

About CrowdSwap: At CrowdSwap, we’re committed to making DeFi simple and accessible to everyone. Our crosschain optimization platform empowers users to invest in DeFi opportunities from anywhere in the world without any concerns. We strive to provide the best options for your assets, continuously monitoring the market for optimal investment opportunities. For any inquiries or partnership opportunities, please contact our sales team at:

Table of Contents

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