CrowdSwap partners with FairConsult to bring real-world processes to DeFi

CrowdSwap partners with FairConsult to bring real-world processes to DeFi
CrowdSwap partners with FairConsult to bring real-world processes to DeFi
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CrowdSwap is happy to set forth, as of now, its official partnership with FairConsult. Through the Partnership, CrowdSwap will provide FairConsult with API and share its expertise in the blockchain environment for mutual strive in the DeFi sector. 

Status quo

With the fast-growing new technologies, the need for projects that can simplify the monitoring, control, and trading of energy and data grows rapidly. FairConsult is there to create a fundamental shift in the future of data and energy transmission. FairConsult’s expertise ranges from support in the implementation of regulatory requirements for energy supply companies to software implementation projects and process optimization.

To open this opportunity to the DeFi sector FairConsult will work with CrowdSwap to provide the needed financial services in real-world processes like payment methods as well as share our expertise to work in blockchain environments together to strengthen the position of DeFi in a wider range of businesses.

The Partnership

For the year 2023, pairing with FariConsult signals our first step in working alongside a partner outside the crypto world whose being is tangled tightly with the lives of people relying on energy efficiency and much-needed newer technologies. 

Although FairConsult exists outside the intangible realms of crypto and blockchain, the eventual outcomes will, however, serve to improve the future of blockchain.

We are excited that FairConsult will natively integrate our API into its real-world processes in different areas of the utility sector. In addition, we will share our expertise to work in blockchain environments to strengthen the position of DeFi.

FairConsult and CrowdSwap agreed to start a strategic collaboration bringing synergies from different areas of the business together and are thrilled to explore future opportunities. 

About FairConsult 

FairConsult is a German company that promotes digitization in the energy industry and offers professional software consulting for the energy and utility industry. In addition to the energy industry, the IT company, with its headquarters in Heidelberg, focuses on strategic topics in the areas of blockchain, artificial intelligence, and data strategies and combines these with many years of software expertise and a strong network.

About CrowdSwap

CrowdSwap is a cross-chain automation and optimization platform for the DeFi opportunity space. With best-price-routing and cross-chain solutions, CrowdSwap provides safe passage to take the best opportunities fast and from anywhere. The on-Chain analysis will constantly monitor the market and provide you with the best options for your assets. Find out how easy DeFi can be at CrowdSwap.

Table of Contents

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