CrowdSwap Launches DeFi Black Friday to Give Away 10,000 CROWD as Prize

CrowdSwap Launches DeFi Black Friday to Give Away 10,000 CROWD as Prize
CrowdSwap Launches DeFi Black Friday to Give Away 10,000 CROWD as Prize
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This year, all CrowdSwap users get to travel with first-class tickets to experience a pleasurable DeFi journey. CrowdSwap offers a Black Friday 2022 deal for users who take part in the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) liquidity pools. The campaign will be held in the form of a lottery to win a share of 10,000 CROWD for 10 lucky winners. The terms are as follows:


Total prize: 10,000 CROWD (roughly $1,000) 

Activity period: November 24, 2022 – November 28, 2022

Minimum investment: $50 in one of the BSC farms offered on CrowdSwap.

Each winner will receive a reward of 1,000 CROWD (approximately $100), and 2 users will be chosen every day.

To participate in this program, visit this link and conduct your transaction.

Recently, CrowdSwap has integrated the BSC yield farming possibilities into its ‘OPPORTUNITIES’ section. These include CAKE-USDT, CAKE-BUSD, BUSD-WBNB, CAKE-BNB, USDT-BNB, INJ-BNB, WMX-BUSD, WOM-BUSD, RACA-BUSD, and ETH-BNB. These funding options have become very popular among users since launch.

What does CrowdSwap do?

One of the bottlenecks that participating in crypto farms has is the complexity of the processes. Because liquidity pools have a pair of two tokens, the investor has to swap their existing cryptos to the two tokens first in two separate transactions. After the swap, they need to add their liquidity to the pool and receive liquidity pool (LP) tokens, only after which they can opt for farming with their LP tokens. However, this complex process is simplified with CrowdSwap.

CrowdSwap users don’t need to conduct all of the above processes, and all they need to do is just want to do it! The rest is left to CrowdSwap and done automatically, eliminating all those complexities and risks. 

In addition to simplifying the mentioned procedures, the cross-chain technology comes to the aid of the user. With this feature, your original asset doesn’t need to be on the same blockchain network as the target tokens. 

A case in point

Let’s elaborate on it with a simple example. Imagine you have some ETH and you want to take part in one of the available BSC options (e.g. CAKE-WBNB). The original asset is on the Ethereum blockchain, while the target pair of assets is on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) network. Therefore, the assets are on two different chains. 

Traditionally, you needed to deposit your ETH to a centralized exchange and then sell it for BNB and CAKE tokens, and then transfer them back to the place where you wanted to invest. But with CrowdSwap, this step is eliminated and handled using the cross-chain technology inside the project itself, saving you time. 

In addition, all the following single transactions that had to be traditionally conducted are done for you.

The traditional wayThe CrowdSwap way
TX0: ETH (Ethereum) -> BSC (BNB Smart Chain)All in a single transactionTX1: ETH (Ethereum) -> Stake LP token in BNB-CAKE pool
TX1: Swap ETH -> BNB
TX2: Swap ETH -> CAKE
TX3: Add Liquidity BNB-CAKE to LP <- receive LP Token from this TX
TX4: Stake LP token

The main mission of CrowdSwap is to make it possible for everyone with any amount of crypto knowledge to participate in DeFi and benefit from the merits of available finance. CrowdSwap helps save time, and conduct complicated procedures with less complexity and higher security while making sure that fees are reasonable. But what CrowdSwap does is not limited to this, rather, it offers the following services:

  • simplifying the process of investing assets into different kinds of opportunities (Staking, lending, yield farming, coins/tokens, etc).
  • Faster and more secure transactions via a new technology called “fast lane transaction”.
  • Swap and Cross-chain swap for 100+ different cryptocurrencies on 4 chains.
  • calculating the best price route and optimizing the route along the way to your desired asset.
  • Professional online support

To start your journey, visit this page to launch the CrowdSwap App.

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