CrowdSwap Expands top BSC Yield Farms

CrowdSwap Expands top BSC Yield Farms
CrowdSwap Expands top BSC Yield Farms
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With the aim of expanding the successful projects of BNB Smart Chain (BSC yield farms) opportunities, CrowdSwap is proud to announce that new liquidity pools are now available on the platform. The new pairs of tokens that have been added are USDT-BNB, INJ-BNB, WMX-BUSD, WOM-BUSD, RACA-BUSD, ETH-USDC, and ETH-BNB. With these pools added, now CrowdSwap has many funding options that users can choose from and enjoy their financial journey through decentralized finance (DeFi). These new pools have a remarkable total value locked (TVL) of over $2M. 

The Problem

Cryptocurrency investors have various options to choose from for earning passive income. The most common ways are staking and yield farming, each of which has strengths and drawbacks.  However, to farm in liquidity pools, the user has to follow a complicated process that can be confusing to most.

Oftentimes, participating in liquidity pools requires a number of transactions. For example, if one wants to earn passive income from the MATIC they hold in a CAKE/BUSD farm, he needs to have both tokens and then swap them for a liquidity pool (LP) token. Therefore, the following process has to be followed:

For many users, especially the less-experienced ones, conducting all these transactions manually poses some risks. For instance, if they make a mistake somewhere in the process, they may easily lose their assets, let alone the amount of time they need to spend. For all these reasons, some users may lose interest in yield farming. But this can be done more easily with high security with CrowdSwap.

Let’s Do It the CrowdSwap Way

CrowdSwap facilitates the processes to make sure that the complexity and risks of taking part in DeFi don’t hold you back. By reducing the complexity and above-mentioned risks, CrowdSwap ensures that the number of transactions is reduced, while the risks of processes are down to almost none.

In addition, transactions can be conducted across separate blockchains using CrowdSwap’s crosschain technology. Because MATIC is on a different network than BNB and CAKE, you may need to do the swap through multiple transactions, but the CrowdSwap way is much easier. In the above example, all four transactions can be reduced to only one. It doesn’t matter which blockchain network your asset is on, because CrowdSwap does it on your behalf on the most secure DeFi platform, without risking your funds. 

Currently, four networks are available on CrowdSwap: Avalanche, Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, and Polygon. If you have cryptos on any of these four blockchains, you can still put them in any one of the liquidity pools that you wish.


The popularity of BSC yield farms and their tokens on BSC chain gave us the motivation to add more opportunity to the system. With the new yield farming opportunities, users have more options to choose from. These new liquidity pools are USDT-BNB, INJ-BNB, WMX-BUSD, WOM-BUSD, RACA-BUSD, ETH-USDC, and ETH-BNB. To begin your journey, make sure you visit CrowdSwap App’s opportunities section

Table of Contents

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