April Recap

April Recap
April Recap
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At the end of April, in line with our monthly routine, we will explain activities that have taken place on the platform this month. Additionally, we will take a quick look at the plans we have set for the next month.

Our commitment to innovation and progress in the world of DeFi remains unwavering, and all our past and future plans are grounded in this principle. By regularly reviewing this monthly recap, you can stay informed about all the plans of CrowdSwap and ensure you don’t miss out on anything.

Zero Investment Fee in BullRun ETF

We have temporarily reduced investment fees in the BullRun ETF to zero. This opportunity is designed to catalyze a surge in investment volume, granting a broader user the chance to diversify their portfolios without additional costs.

We’ve also set CrowdSwap fees to zero on all cross-chains, enhancing the user experience during this limited time. This period of zero fees represents a golden window for traders and investors within the DeFi ecosystem.

Try it now: https://app.crowdswap.org/opportunity 

It can be a great way to monetize from the CrowdSwap Ambassador Program for you, especially if you have a niche or a loyal following.

Read more: Ambassador (Affiliate) Program Launch News

New Release

We announce the release of our newest app version, packed with features designed to empower your crypto journey. In April, we’ve been hard at work crafting enhancements to ensure that CrowdSwap remains your go-to platform for all things DeFi.

Here are the important features of our latest upgrade:

  • Displaying the use of CROWD in the transaction path and its role in facilitating cross-chain transactions
  • Performance enhancement and more extensive access to transaction history in version 2 of this feature
  • New security measures to enhance our unique feature of crypto transfer
  • Streamlining custom token selection with a URL
  • Easily discovering and purchasing trend tokens on CrowdSwap
  • Showing users’ VIP Club scores on the portfolio page
  • Developing a simple tool to gather user feedback

LTH Updating 

The LTH ranking has been updated following the Bitcoin halving event, marking a pivotal moment for the competition’s participants. 

Participants could review their standings by accessing the rankings through the provided link. The competition winners can look forward to receiving their well-deserved prizes shortly. CrowdSwap extends its heartfelt gratitude to all who participated in this event. The community’s support is invaluable, and this collective engagement propels the platform forward.

Check your ranking now: https://crowdswap.org/loyalty-program/ 

Dubi Seminar: TOKEN 2049 Event

CrowdSwap participated in the largest cryptocurrency gathering in the world, the TOKEN 2049 event in Dubai, in April to introduce itself as one of the reputable platforms in the world of cryptocurrencies and DeFi and follow its marketing goals.

During this gathering, positive negotiations took place with various platforms regarding the achievements and activities, as well as important plans of CrowdSwap, which have resulted in positive outcomes.

For example, negotiations with representatives from Bybit and OKX about topics related to the web3 solution and the introduction of the CrowdSwap ofc for the Binance KOL manager.

Negotiations were also conducted with two blockchain platforms, which we might consider including in the mix when launching our solution with DMC. 

Stay tuned for our upcoming AMA updates if you want to learn more about this topic.

Upcoming Feature

Every detail has been meticulously considered to ensure your success in DeFi. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect on May:

Cross-Chain Performance Optimization

In the upcoming month, a series of comprehensive updates are slated to elevate the Cross-Chain feature to new heights, ensuring that users benefit from enhanced performance and a more seamless and efficient transaction experience.

  • Better Price Transactions: 

The promise of better transaction prices is not just an incremental improvement; it’s a transformative change that can significantly impact users’ profitability and satisfaction. 

  • UX Improvement: 

The user experience is at the forefront of CrowdSwap’s latest enhancements. With the implementation of the updated cross-chain process, users can anticipate a smoother, more intuitive interaction with the platform. The frustration of swap cancellations will be a thing of the past, as the new system is designed to facilitate uninterrupted transactions, thereby instilling confidence and fostering loyalty among users.

CrowdSwap Airdrop

CrowdSwap is gearing up to launch a substantial airdrop event next month. This marks the second time we will host such a significant event, aiming to draw a wide audience to innovative services. By hosting this significant competition, we aim to introduce CrowdSwap to many people in this field and give them a chance to win big prizes. Stay tuned for our important announcement to kickstart this exciting airdrop


Last month, CrowdSwap launched many opportunities for users in the DeFi world, and this activity will continue in the coming months. The Zero Investment Fee in BullRun ETF and Zero CrowdSwap Fee in Cross-Chain can be a golden chance for you and your friends, so don’t miss out. The CrowdSwap community in May will also experience a lot of excitement with new updates and the Airdrop Plan, so follow up on these special opportunities.

Table of Contents

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