What is MEV in Crypto? How does MEV protection work?

What is MEV in Crypto? How does MEV protection work?
What is MEV in Crypto? How does MEV protection work?
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Miner Extractable Value [MEV] in crypto refers to the value extracted by miners from handling the transactions that make up a block in a Blockchain network. Miners are usually incentivized to complete blocks that form the Blockchain. The value earned is usually above the block reward and gas fee. Miners can achieve this to earn new currency and the fees from transactions in a block. By using resources to monitor transactions in a network, miners can derive value from completed blocks in the network. The inclusion, exclusion or ordering of transactions enables miners to optimize the returns they gain from the completed blocks. Thus, the incentive offered to miners can lead to the fast or slow transaction processing time for the pending transactions.

Types of Attacks in MEV

The effort to increase the profits earned from transactions leads miners to use extreme strategies to earn from user transactions. This makes it useful to examine front running attacks. It enables miners to take advantage of the information available on pending transactions in the memory pool. To carry out the attacks, bots monitor the memory pool for potentially profitable transactions. Miners can then place orders before the completion of such transactions, earning the miner a profit. The ability to maintain and benefit from confidentiality when carrying out transactions is compromised. The security in transactions remains necessary for users in the Blockchain network. Users are also disadvantaged as they have to compete with miners and bots, who have more information on the pending transactions in the memory pool, in completing their transactions.

The attempt to solve the problems associated with Miner Extractable Value leads to limited but effective options. Users can decrease the incentives that bots get from their transactions. This is possible as the transactions remain pending in the memory pool and await to be added to blocks. Another option is to use specialized platforms that can boost the user’s security. The platforms can also counter front- and back running or sandwich attacks on their pending transactions. In both options, miners maintain the useful role of miners and bots in adding transactions to blocks in the network.

How does MEV protection work?

1. Adjust your slippage

The process involves making your transaction unattractive to bots in order to mitigate the risks associated with miner extractable value. In this, you can set a low slippage level for your transaction prior to the initiation of the cross-chain swap. For example, a 1% setting tells bots that the transaction has low tolerance to sharp changes in market prices. The result is a low incentive to bots to carry out a front running operation on the transaction. The user gets a good bargain from their pending transaction.

The benefit of adjusting slippage on the pending transaction is that the user retains control on their transactions. But, the users could also have to deal with longer waiting times as the transactions offer little incentive to miners. The incentive of adjusting your slippage is saving on the high ancillary costs that come with Miner Extractable Value. Much savings over time make this a worthwhile option for users to explore when carrying out crypto transactions.

2. Protection through System Side Integrations

Apart from adjusting slippage when initiating crypto transactions, users can also rely on the security mechanism built into premium tools. The security features in some of the market-leading tools prevents miners and bots from reordering or changing transactions before execution. A mined transaction on a different chain makes the additional layer of protection possible. The tool eliminates the possibility of executing a front running operation. The best tools for MEV protection available in the market give users the option to select MEV protection. The extra security gives users the needed peace of mind. In this case, users choose their options when initiating their transactions. By enabling MEV protection, users can complete the process in a secure and reliable environment.

To work your way around the risks and challenges of MEV there is the alternative use of tools. The problems that come with MEV in crypto makes the decision to use secure platforms the better option. CrowdSwap’s MEV protection makes it one of the useful platforms you can consider for your crypto transactions.

How CrowdSwap’s MEV Protection Works

CrowdSwap offers a secure and reliable platform to ensure MEV protection. The system side integrations built into the platform ensure that you can carry out safe crypto transactions. The security features eliminate the fear of front- and back running or sandwich attacks. As a leading platform in the market, CrowdSwap enables users to transact in a safe environment. You can participate in DEXes with the confidence of low ancillary costs and cost-optimized routing for your transactions. The system side security features deter potential attacks that might occur prior to the execution of the user’s transactions. The following figure shows how the CrowdSwap platform can protect you against failing transactions through MEV protection.

CrowdSwap confirms the security hash on a mined block from the different networks. Hence, the platform provides a strong layer of security against the different MEV-based attacks.

Overall, MEV presents one of the major challenges of executing crypto transactions. It allows miners the opportunity to earn high profits for handling transactions. MEV leads to attacks and the creation of inefficiencies in the Blockchain network. Users are left vulnerable as they are exposed to the profit-optimization tactics of miners and bots in the network. An effective way of tackling the challenges associated with Miner Extractable Value is to use a secure platform such as CrowdSwap. Get started now with CrowdSwap’s system side integrations to execute crypto transactions in a secure and reliable environment.

Table of Contents

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