What Happened in May

What Happened in May


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What Happened in May
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As we seal off May, the month of growth, we’re happy to report that it was not a stale springtime. In May, we were given the time and space to look deeper into our products and services, improve on them, come up with ideas for new campaigns, and, last but not least, draw up plans for a new pre-sale and opportunities along the way.

Zealy Quest

To increase our community’s excitement and knowledge, we turned to fun platforms like Zealy. Zealy provided an interactive and engaging means to start an Airdrop run based on our community’s understanding of us. 

This Zealy quest offered 2,500$ for a series of quest and trick questions and tasks readied in the framework of CrowdSwap and its services. If you’ve missed this quest, don’t be worried, though. We plan to do more fun games and competitions for our CROWDers and community. Just follow our social platforms so you won’t get left out.

TMNG Pre-sale

After the NEXUS token pre-sale, we merely stood aside and analyzed the next project to cast for our crypto launchpad tool, Crowd Sales. It took a while, but we’re excited that our mappings spelled out a great opportunity in a familiar face, the TMN Global project, with whom we had shared a collaboration before.

In our last mutual sprint, we introduced the TMNG staking opportunity, a way to earn passive income from a new promising project. In the pre-sale phase, we provide a tool for our users to become early adapters and get their funds into this modern project. Anyone as little as 250$ has the chance to get themselves involved in the pre-sale, give away seed money to the TMNG project and rip the benefits that will pour in when the project takes off and skyrockets – a flight we saw with the CAL token from FitBurn.

Crosschain Improvements

Two major milestones were reached in May regarding the situation of our Crosschain capability: 

  1. Flash-speed Upgrade 

In the past, the crosschain speed left some to desire. It wasn’t the best we wanted our CROWDers and other users to have. So, we dialed down and got to work to get it up to speed. And that we accomplished proudly. Today, crosschains on our dApp or website don’t cost sluggishness (in some cases). They’re jet-fast and have highly improved from their previous state. 

  1. Crosschain Aggregation

Speed was one of many aims we were gunning for. We wanted better algorithms and better methods of combining multiple crosschain routes into one quick interaction, saving time, energy, frustration, and hassle.

New Customizable Receiver Address in Swaps

CrowdSwap is about empowering the DeFi, the unbanked, and those who want to swap their token to another address. Starting in May, users can select to which wallet address their changed tokens are transferred. This feature comes in extremely handy in certain situations. It removes the extra step of having the tokens relocated twice before they finish in the rightful owner’s wallet.

BSC in Our Scope

The story of CROWD on BSC is one that can’t end in just a month of work. We have big plans for BSC to become CROWD’s second home and move some stuff over there. For now and for May, it’s a huge honor to announce that our users can buy CROWDs directly and without interference from the Binance Smart Chain. 

This goes a long way in enabling our hand to move some opportunities to the Binance layer-1 chain and vastly expand our reach. However, as mentioned in the beginning, this is but the tip of the iceberg. We have other intriguing and exciting plans to make BSC the second residential blockchain for CROWD: a new place with new opportunities with CrowdSwap.

Price Prediction Articles

The brainchild of our creative team with extensive insight into the market, we decided to push out Price Prediction Articles to help traders and investors in the current state of the market. 

Diving into the depths of the crypto sea can be perilous, where scammers and fake projects with sharp teeth wait to rip unsuspecting souls. Also, the ever-shifting and moving climates of the market don’t spare anyone and sometimes can rob people of their investments.

These are real threats causing problems primarily because people aren’t trained and well-informed. Our articles with detailed information on the market and projects tend to prevent DeFi enjoyers and users from falling into pit traps and give them a more comprehensive view of what’s happening in the market. Look out for them on our blog page! 

AMA on the 22nd over zkSync Integration

May only see one number written across its face for an AMA showdown with our co-founders. That was on the 22nd when Vahid and Christian gathered in an online meeting to discuss the newest integration coming to our platform: the layer-2 zkSync solution from the Ethereum network bound to make miracles happen.

It was a jam-packed meeting with informative questions and landscape-setting answers. It gave clarity on what to expect when the integration hits, and the zkSync name shows up in our list of available chains.


Each month, behind the curtains, we put countless hours and manpower into developing and improving our app and features. We’re calling them hotfixes, from interfacial improvements on the dApp to technical ones implemented in the written codes. 

This is a brand-new section! And we’re adding to our newsletter for a good cause. Follow the hotfixes to keep a tab on what’s new, what’s changed, and what’s resolved! 

  • Fixed issues regarding buying ETH on Polygon
  • Fixed an issue where Trust Wallet wouldn’t connect on some mobile phones
  • Mitigated high-volatility investment fails
  • General user interface improvement on the BSC network
Table of Contents

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