September monthly recap

September monthly recap
September monthly recap
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September was an exciting month for both CrowdSwap and CROWDers.

This month, we introduced features that hold the promise of a revolution. These new features enhance the experience of our cherished CrowdSwap users and shine a bright light on the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

In the world of DeFi, continuous evolution and alignment with user needs are vital for the sustained vitality of a platform. Additionally, one of our significant responsibilities is to ensure that the beloved CrowdSwap community’s user experience continuously improves. Taking these factors into consideration, we have introduced significant developments in September.

Release ‘Lucky 13’

In our latest release, ‘Lucky 13,’ we’ve put our efforts into introducing features that boost the utilization of CROWD tokens and enhance the overall user experience on the CrowdSwap platform:

Utilizing CROWD as a Utility Token in Cross-Chain Transactions:

The recent changes in CrowdSwap’s cross-chain capabilities are important for the platform’s evolution and CROWD tokens. These changes have been designed to increase CROWD tokens’ utility and enhance the CrowdSwap platform’s value.

One of the most noteworthy features in the recent release is Utilizing CROWD as a Utility Token in cross-chain transactions, which increases the utilization of CROWD tokens.

Additionally, CrowdSwap has implemented a deflationary mechanism by burning a portion of CROWD tokens after each cross-chain transaction. This mechanism helps maintain the value of the token over time.

In summary, CrowdSwap’s revamped cross-chain capabilities, including using CROWD tokens in transactions and the deflationary mechanism, represent a strategic move towards creating a more vibrant and sustainable ecosystem.

Introducing the Cross-Chain Widget by CrowdSwap:

Cross-chain functionality is crucial in the world of DeFi, but implementing it can be a daunting task, particularly for new projects. CrowdSwap has stepped up to address this challenge with its latest release, “Lucky 13.” We are excited to introduce a revolutionary cross-chain widget that is designed for easy adoption by all DeFi projects.

What makes our cross-chain Widget stand out is its simplicity and accessibility. We’ve streamlined its functionality, making it user-friendly for projects of all sizes. This means that DeFi projects can now offer cross-chain capabilities to their users effortlessly, bridging the gap and expanding the possibilities of DeFi.

Introducing Our 24/7 Support Bot on Discord:

In today’s world of financial investments, we understand that investors often require continuous help and support. Therefore, we’ve addressed this need in our most recent release on our CrowdSwap platform.

One of our recent innovations is the introduction of a 24/7 support bot on our Discord channel. This virtual assistant is designed to answer your questions and assist whenever required.

However, it’s important to note that this version of the support bot is a demo. Our commitment to excellence means continuously working to improve and refine this intelligent technology. This bot will become more advanced and user-friendly through increased user interaction and data collection.

Investment Management for Pre-Sale Participants:

Pre-sale participants can effectively manage their investments on the portfolio page, It allows you to take action in the present. This page simplifies the process if you ever need to check and withdraw from your pre-sale investments. This feature ensures full control over your financial portfolio, allowing you to adapt to changing circumstances or capitalize on opportunities.

Non-stop Transactions:

When you engage in a transaction on the exchange page, you can seamlessly navigate between different sections without disrupting the status of your ongoing transaction. This user-friendly feature lets you explore CrowdSwap’s various functions and information while keeping your transaction secure and uninterrupted.

Lower Fees with Larger Transactions:

Our transaction fee structure is designed to benefit you as your trading volume grows. It’s simple: the larger your transactions, the lower your fees. This approach encourages larger trades, making it even more cost-effective to achieve your investment goals with us. Start trading big and save!

CrowdSwap Listed as a DEX on CoinGecko:

CoinGecko offers accurate data and is considered a trusted and reliable cryptocurrency reference. Users seeking the latest updates in the world of crypto often turn to this reputable platform. 

Leveraging this reputation to bolster our credibility, we announce that CrowdSwap has been listed as a decentralized exchange (DEX) on CoinGecko’s platform for the Polygon (PoS) blockchain. Furthermore, we have plans to expand to other blockchains in the near future. Our listing on this platform not only enhances our credibility but also marks a significant milestone in our journey towards progress.

Another Significant Activity in September:

CrowdSwap’s Smart Contract Audit with ShellBoxes:

Commitment to security and safeguarding user assets is one of CrowdSwap’s fundamental principles. To emphasize our commitment to these principles, we have obtained a smart contract audit from ShellBoxes, a renowned blockchain security company. This audit, which evaluated various critical aspects, including quality and security measures, demonstrates that our smart contracts adhere to the highest standards.

Our collaboration with ShellBoxes marks a significant milestone in CrowdSwap’s operations and underscores our continuous efforts to provide users with a secure and reliable platform. 

CrowdSwap’s September X Contest:

In September, we hosted an exciting X contest with a total prize pool of 14,500 CROWD tokens. The aim was to create a vibrant and interactive space within our community. In this competition, a video about the features and advantages of the CrowdSwap platform was released, and users were asked to share their experiences and personal opinions about CrowdSwap compared to other platforms after sharing this video.

Upcoming Features on October:

Leveraging Affiliate Marketing for Community Growth at CrowdSwap:

At CrowdSwap, one of our commitments is to strengthen community growth and expand awareness of our platform to a wider audience. To achieve this goal, we will harness the power of affiliate marketing, a dynamic tool that enables us to attract new users through various affiliate platforms.

Through trusted affiliate platforms, we have a unique opportunity to connect with new users who wish to benefit from our platform. These affiliate platforms act as valuable intermediaries, helping us introduce our services to a broader audience.

Developing an Algorithm Behind Cross-Chain to Generate More Revenue:

In the latest version, our primary focus has been on improving cross-chain interoperability. This focus will continue to be a priority in the coming month. Our goal is to provide competitive prices and faster transactions to our users while complementing these efforts with a strategic plan to increase the utilization of CROWD and enhance CROWD’s value. Another of our aims is to boost project revenue for CrowdSwap improvement and automate CROWD buybacking and CROWD burning. These initiatives reflect our commitment to innovation and user satisfaction, driving us to shape the future of cross-chain technology and maximize the potential of CrowdSwap.

Unlocking the Potential of Cross-Chain Limit Orders:

Cross-chain limit orders represent a significant advancement in the world of DeFi. This feature empowers traders to set their orders for executing cross-chain transactions at specific prices. You can have the ability to schedule and execute transactions on different blockchain networks at the most suitable prices. Cross-chain limit orders are a powerful tool that can revolutionize traders’ engagement with the cryptocurrency market, offering control, flexibility, and greater potential for profit optimization.

Showing the User’s VIP Level on the App:

The VIP Club is a feature designed to express gratitude to CrowdSwap supporters. This ticket grants you access to a world of exclusive benefits. By acquiring CrowdSwap tokens and engaging in transactions, you can open the door to elevating your position within the reputable VIP Club. This month, one of our efforts is to ensure you can check the level of your VIP club in the program.

Cross-Chain Transaction History:

In the near future, an enhancement to the Portfolio Manager will allow users to view and review their cross-chain transaction history. This feature will cover both completed transactions and those in a pending state. Users will gain greater control over their financial activities, including monitoring pending transactions and making informed decisions. 


At CrowdSwap, our commitment is to continuous innovation, user satisfaction, and shaping the future of DeFi by simplifying it. We thank our community for their unwavering support and announce to them that we are striving for excellence in the world of decentralized finance. 

Also, we invite you to join our newsletter for regular news and insights into CrowdSwap’s activities.

Table of Contents

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