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What Happened in May


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What Happened in May
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The CrowdSwap team is continuously striving to make your DeFi experience enjoyable, secure, simple, and accessible. This effort has been ongoing throughout May, and we have exciting news and events planned for June to make your summer even more enjoyable. Whether you are an experienced CROWDer or new to the platform, these upcoming surprises are designed to enhance your experience. Stay tuned with us to be the first to know about these golden opportunities.

The 2024 CROWD Airdrop

CrowdSwap is back with its second airdrop event. This is your golden opportunity to be one of the lucky winners in this grand giveaway. The process of participating in this airdrop is very simple: 

SignUp: Jumpstart your journey by signing up for the airdrop. It’s your entry ticket to the world of rewards! 

Complete the tasks: Embark on a series of simple tasks. Each task you complete brings you one step closer to the prize. 

Daily check: Check back daily to ensure you don’t miss any new tasks! 

Join Discord channel: Stay updated by following the Giveaway channel on the CrowdSwap Discord. It’s your go-to resource for tutorials and tips on task mastery.


Ivy Live is Now Powered by CrowdSwap’s Web3 Solution

Ivy Live is a social media platform that integrates Web3 technology to create a transparent online environment with a KYC system to prevent fake accounts. 

In a recent development, Ivy live users can now experience seamless cryptocurrency exchanges across seven different networks, thanks to the integration of CrowdSwap’s Web3 solutions. This collaboration significantly enhances the DeFi trading experience, making it more accessible and efficient for everyone involved.

CrowdSwap attended Consensus 2024 on May 29th

This is one of the most influential gatherings in the world, bringing together the entire cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3 community. Projects also have the chance to shine and be part of the most important conversations in this space.

At this gathering, we successfully introduced CrowdSwap, highlighting its achievements and features to various projects. The goal of this introduction is to accelerate the growth of our community and partners, ultimately leading to significant achievements. 

Soon, we will provide you with more comprehensive information in an AMA.

Upcoming Excitements for June

Enhancing CrowdSwap’s Cross-Chain Feature: A Major Focus for June

In the rapidly evolving world of DeFi, accessibility and efficiency are paramount. At CrowdSwap, we’re committed to providing users with the most seamless and efficient DeFi experience. This month, we’re redoubling our efforts to refine our application and enhance existing features, with a particular focus on one of our most crucial and popular features: Cross-Chain.

Cross-chain is a cornerstone feature of CrowdSwap, enabling users to execute transactions across different blockchain networks. By bridging these networks, cross-chain breaks down barriers for our users, allowing them to navigate the DeFi with ease and flexibility.

Our goal is simple yet ambitious: We want to provide users with the best prices in transactions, all within the shortest possible time.

With CrowdSwap, the future of decentralized finance is brighter than ever.

Exciting news is on the way

As the heat of summer begins to rise, so does the excitement at CrowdSwap! We’re confident that our plan will inject an extra dose of enthusiasm into your summer adventures.

CROWD is getting listed on a Centralized Exchange! 

We’re not just listing CROWD. This exchange has also partnered with CrowdSwap, but more on that later. 

This particular exchange is:

✅ Among the top 20 exchanges on CoinGecko 

✅ Has about $800 million in daily trading volume 

✅ Receives more than 7.5 million monthly visits 

✅ Has a Trust Score of 9/10 on CoinGecko 

✅ They list valuable tokens, which is why they have about 200 tokens listed 

✅ Are strong competitors with KuCoin and Kraken 

Stay in the loop by following our social media channels to ensure you don’t miss any updates or announcements. 

Can you guess the exchange?

The latest news about the LTH 

The LTH competition reached its final stage in early June, and in recognition of our CROWDers’ support, we are happy to announce that the prizes have been deposited into the winners’ wallets.

There are many more moments of growth and success ahead at CrowdSwap.


DeFi, or Decentralized Finance, has immense potential to attract users worldwide. The key to unlocking this potential lies in providing a safe, simple, and rewarding environment. At CrowdSwap, this is our primary goal.

Our mission is clear: to continually enhance our platform and features, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all users.

Everything is poised on the brink of revelation, and opportunities abound. Remember, in the dynamic world of DeFi, seizing the moment is paramount. Don’t miss out on what’s to come!

Table of Contents

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