March Recap

March Recap
March Recap
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In March, CrowdSwap made history with the introduction of the ETF in Decentralized Finance. This unique feature marks a milestone in our journey. With an unwavering commitment to simplifying DeFi, our latest innovation has the potential to reshape the industry and pave the way for greater accessibility and adoption. Now, you can discover how this user-friendly feature encourages more individuals to engage with DeFi through our platform, positioning CrowdSwap as a leader in revolutionizing decentralized finance.

CrowdSwap is the gateway to the first DeFi ETF

For the first time, this feature offers the simplest investment process in the market. With just a few clicks, users can effortlessly acquire all available tokens in the Bullrun ETF using any token they possess. This saves users 90% of their time and significantly reduces transaction fees because building a portfolio with the same tokens featured in the BullRun ETF typically requires transferring funds across multiple blockchains and purchasing each token individually. This innovation is reshaping the landscape of DeFi investments, making them more accessible and efficient for everyone.

For more info: A Guide to Revolutionary ETF Investments on DeFi

Portfolio Construction of CrowdSwap’s dETF

Now, you can experience convenience in the decentralized investment world of cryptocurrencies. CrowdSwap, with Bull Run ETF, brings you a simple, secure, and decentralized transaction, allowing you to diversify your portfolio! With just a single click, your investment journey begins.

In this feature, we will offer our investors a selection of tokens. This diverse portfolio includes 10 promising cryptocurrency projects carefully chosen and weighted based on thorough research. Our project support team has spared no effort in leveraging their extensive experience in cryptocurrencies to provide you with the best options. Additionally, when weighing the relevant assets, various metrics, such as potential profit expectations, risk factors of individual projects, the determined social media ranking, and the average risk appetite of the target audience, have been considered.

Bitcoin (BTC) 17.5%

Ethereum (ETH) 17.5%

Polygon (Matic) 10.0%

Avalanche (AVAX) 10.0%

Chainlink (LINK) 10.0%

Polkadot (DOT) 10.0%

Binance Coin (BNB) 7.5%

Fetch AI (FET) 7.5%

ChainGPT (CGPT) 5.0%

CrowdSwap (CROWD) 5.0%

Utilizing this feature allows you to reduce your risk to zero, as it involves only one transaction on a secure platform, eliminating the need for multiple transactions, each of which may face different risks. Then, after your investment, you can easily monitor the real-time status of your tokens and make informed decisions about your assets.

Furthermore, when it comes to withdrawals, you’ll have ample flexibility in choosing the tokens and the withdrawal amounts.

A wise investor’s choice is at

Upcoming Features

Get ready for an upcoming update next month! Future releases will bring improvements to make your experience with the platform even better. Stay tuned for enhancements that will simplify your journey and make interacting with the platform even more enjoyable.

  • Displaying the use of CROWD in the transaction path and its role in facilitating cross-chain transactions
  • New security measures to enhance our unique feature of crypto transfer
  • Streamlining custom token selection with a URL
  • Easily discover and purchase trend tokens on CrowdSwap
  • Showing users’ VIP Club scores on the portfolio page
  • Developing a simple tool to gather user feedback


Looking ahead, we continue to innovate and improve our platform aimed at further enhancing user experience and security. As we anticipate these developments, it’s clear that CrowdSwap remains at the forefront of revolutionizing DeFi, offering users a reliable and user-friendly platform for all their needs in decentralized finance.

Table of Contents

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