July Recap: CrowdSwap’s Achievements and Upcoming Milestones

July Recap: CrowdSwap's Achievements and Upcoming Milestones
July Recap: CrowdSwap's Achievements and Upcoming Milestones
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As July drew to a close, CrowdSwap completed a month of dynamic activities, setting the stage for upcoming milestones in August. The past month was marked by various accomplishments and exciting endeavors that are poised to shape the platform’s future. Here’s a rundown of what transpired and a preview of what’s on the horizon: 

  • Bridging of CROWD: The introduction of the CROWD token bridging feature was a significant development over the past weeks. This feature allowed users to connect their CROWD tokens across various networks, providing benefits such as reduced costs and enhanced arbitrage opportunities.
  • New Opportunities: Every Thursday in July, CrowdSwap unveiled fresh auction opportunities on different networks. The enthusiastic response was remarkable, prompting the extension of the CROWD/ETH LP Farm on the zkSync network due to high demand. Your active engagement encourages us to continue diversifying the array of auction opportunities.
  • Poker Tournament: The much-anticipated poker tournament took center stage once again, offering participants a captivating competition. Those who successfully completed the Zealy quest secured their spot in this thrilling event. Stay tuned for more details on the quest and its enticing prizes.
  • Opportunity Campaign: July saw the execution of a successful opportunity campaign that resonated well within the CROWDers community. This month-long campaign featured four distinct opportunities, resulting in several investors reaping profits exceeding 50%. To highlight participants’ achievements, we shared a leaderboard across our social media channels.
  • APY Adjustments: As part of our commitment to refining the platform, we adjusted the APY for certain staking options. The CROWD staking on the zkSync network experienced a remarkable 35% increase, enhancing the potential returns for participants. Conversely, Polygon staking underwent an 18% APY adjustment decrease. BSC staking maintained a stable 25% yield.

Upcoming Feature 

  • VIP Club: An exciting VIP Club is on the horizon, designed to reward CROWD holders with an exclusive point-based system. As your engagement deepens, your VIP status will unlock enhanced privileges, including early access to liquidity pools and more. This feature underscores our commitment to fostering a vibrant and engaged community.
  • Cross-Chain Functionality: In the pipeline is the implementation of Cross-Chain functionality based on CROWD. This revolutionary mechanism involves burning a certain amount of CROWD with each cross-chain transaction, aimed at elevating the token’s value, demand, and overall market position.
  • Bridging CROWD to zkSync: Soon, users will have the seamless ability to bridge their CROWD tokens to the zkSync network via our Cross-Chain page. This advancement aims to simplify the interaction with CROWD tokens, providing participants with greater efficiency and accessibility.
  • Listings on Kyber Network and OpenOcean: Anticipate major strides as CrowdSwap prepares for listings on Kyber Network and OpenOcean. This expansion is expected to enhance exposure, bolster trading volume, and potentially influence CROWD’s price. To amplify the token’s value, a buyback action is planned using earnings from these platforms.
  • UI Upgrade and Cross-Chain Widget: Our dedication to enhancing user experience is evident in the upcoming UI upgrade. Navigating the CrowdSwap platform will become smoother and more intuitive. Additionally, the innovative Cross-Chain Widget will streamline operations, enabling seamless Cross-Chain functionality on other platforms.
  • Elevating CROWD’s Value: Our ongoing efforts to enhance CROWD’s value include a strategic burning of collected CROWD tokens, a move that aims to reduce supply and consequently raise the token’s worth.

As we reflect on July’s achievements and look ahead to the exciting prospects of August, CrowdSwap remains committed to delivering value, innovation, and opportunities to our community. Stay engaged, explore new features, and join us on this remarkable journey in the world of decentralized finance.

Table of Contents

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