February Recap

February Recap


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February Recap
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As March ends, we want to share the new updates we have made on the platform over the last month. We are also excited to tell you that March will be a very special month for CrowdSwap, as we will launch several new features that will change how you interact with the DeFi world. Stay tuned for more details on how CrowdSwap will make your DeFi experience easier, faster, and safer.

CROWD on Optimism

Last month, we successfully added CROWD into the Optimism network, extending this opportunity to our users to acquire this token directly on this network or bridge them to it.

CROWD’s presence across seven networks—Arbitrum, Polygon, BSC, Ethereum, zkSync, Avalanche, and Optimism—expands the range of your activities and provides users with abundant chances.

Besides the various liquidity pool farms available on your platform, CROWD/OP LP Farm on Optimism with high APY is now accessible to you.

Visit this page now and increase your passive income by participating in these farms.


Upcoming Features

The CrowdSwap team’s entire effort is to create an enjoyable experience for you in utilizing the decentralized finance space. Every detail has been meticulously considered to ensure your success in DeFi.

In March, we will unveil several features, some of which will be utilized in the DeFi for the first time.

This feature has the potential to revolutionize the way everyone interacts with DeFi, even those with the slightest skills and knowledge in the field. Following this release, we hope to see an increase in the usage and popularity of CrowdSwap. Therefore, we encourage you to introduce your platform to others and inform them about the exciting features that are on the way so that we can progress together.

DeFi and ETF

CrowdSwap is proud to announce that we will launch the first ETF in the DeFi space. ETF is a basket of assets. With our platform, you can use any token to buy an ETF and create a diversified portfolio of tokens with just one click. We are making it easier and cheaper for users to explore and invest in different tokens.

ETFs can help you save time and money, as you don’t have to buy each token separately and pay high gas fees. It also helps you reduce risk, as you can diversify your portfolio and discover new opportunities, as you can access tokens that you might not be familiar with or that are hard to obtain. With CrowdSwap, you can enjoy all these benefits and more, as we offer a user-friendly and secure space for buying and selling ETFs in DeFi.


CrowdWallet is a smart decentralized wallet that makes everything easier for you. You only need to create and add your assets and start making transactions to use them. This wallet has powerful features that set it apart from all other wallets: 

  • Easy Setup: You can effortlessly launch your CrowdWallet and, after registration, no longer need to link your wallet since you can execute transactions using your Telegram ID.
  • Advanced Security: CrowdWallet provides you with the ability to configure a wide range of security features, including two-factor authentication, setting daily transaction limits, etc., serving as an additional protective layer. 
  • Wallet Recovery: With this feature, you no longer require private keys or seed phrases for its recovery. Moreover, besides enhancing security, you can conveniently recover your through wallet recovery.
  • Gasless Transactions: You can cover transaction fees with the token you’re trading rather than needing the network’s required token. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced trader, dealing with gas fees is always troublesome.

Telegram Bot

CrowdSwap Telegram Bot is a feature that will make DeFi easier for you. With a single click, you can send commands to the bot to handle your transactions.

With the CrowdSwap bot, you can:

  • Exchange tokens easily and securely across multiple blockchains
  • Transfer tokens smoothly and quickly to any wallet address
  • Invest in DeFi opportunities like liquidity providing and staking
  • Manage your Crowdwallet with features like password, 2FA, and other security settings 
  • Get price alerts and essential notifications for timely updates

Some benefits of this feature are:

Increasing Security: The bot operates on DeFi, and unlike other bots, it does not store users’ assets in an insecure wallet. Users maintain complete control over their funds. By integrating with a smart wallet that implements EIP 4337 Account Abstraction, this bot offers users the most secure wallet option available in the DeFi space.

Easy Access: You can access the DeFi space from anywhere, anytime, with your Telegram app. You don’t need to download or install any other software or app.

Speed and Efficiency: You can execute transactions faster and more efficiently with the bot, as it uses the best routes and rates available.


March promises exciting new features aimed at revolutionizing DeFi interaction. CrowdSwap introduces the first DeFi ETF, simplifying token investment, while CrowdWallet offers a secure decentralized wallet experience. The CrowdSwap Telegram Bot enhances DeFi accessibility, making transactions effortless with gasless options and increased security. Stay tuned for more developments from CrowdSwap!

Table of Contents

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