August Recap: CrowdSwap’s Evolution and Upcoming Thrills

Auguest recap


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Auguest recap
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As we bid farewell to August, a month filled with both positive and challenging moments, we remain grateful for the unwavering support of our dedicated community. September looms on the horizon, promising even greater excitement and opportunities, and we can’t wait to embark on this journey with you.

Two New Opportunities with Highly Traded Pairs

In August, CrowdSwap unveiled two electrifying opportunities featuring highly traded pairs:

  1. ARB/ETH on Arbitrum LP Farm: This liquidity pool farm promises an exhilarating APY, rebalanced weekly, offering enticing returns to our CROWDers.
  2. MATIC/USDC on Polygon LP Farm: Another exciting addition to our offerings, this liquidity pool farm also boasts a high-yield APY, rebalanced weekly, ensuring a thrilling experience for our community.

Integration into OpenOcean

Our relentless pursuit of expanding our reach led to a significant development in August. We integrated our liquidity pools into the renowned DEX aggregator, OpenOcean. This strategic move aims to enhance our exposure, increase liquidity, and broaden our user base. Here are the opportunities we introduced:

  2. ETH/ARB LP Farm
  3. ARB/CROWD LP Farm

Listing on DeFiLlama:

Our journey toward recognition within the DeFi space reached another milestone with CrowdSwap’s listing on DefiLlama. This listing has further solidified our presence among DeFi enthusiasts. In August, we expanded our listing by including the following liquidity pool farms:


Rebalancing Liquidity Pool Farms

Adaptability and responsiveness to market conditions have always been at the core of our strategy. In August, we continued our commitment to optimizing the performance and adaptability of our liquidity pools through weekly rebalancing. This dynamic approach ensures that our platform remains agile and attuned to the ever-changing crypto landscape.

Zealy and Poker Tournament

August saw the introduction of Zealy quests, a prerequisite for participation in our enthralling poker tournament. The community enthusiastically embraced these missions, contributing to a vibrant and exciting tournament. But the excitement doesn’t end there! We’re gearing up to host multiple captivating competitions with enticing prizes. Keep a close eye on CrowdSwap’s social media channels for updates on these extraordinary events.

Upcoming Feature: Release of Lucky13

Our commitment to delivering exciting features continues into September with the release of Lucky13. While we had initially aimed for an August release, certain errors delayed its launch. However, we’re now fully committed to bringing you this game-changing release. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

  • New User-Friendly UI/UX: Swaps and cross-chain transactions will become even more intuitive and seamless with our enhanced user interface.
  • Swap/Cross-Chain Widget: An appealing widget accessible to all crypto projects, designed to simplify and streamline transactions.
  • CROWD as a Utility Token: Utilize CROWD as a utility token in cross-chain transactions, unlocking a world of possibilities.
  • Listing on Reputable DeFi Platforms: Expanding our presence on reputable DeFi platforms to increase accessibility and exposure.
  • Support Bot and AI Integration: Embracing automation and artificial intelligence to enhance the CrowdSwap experience.

Our commitment to maintaining dynamism within the CrowdSwap community is unwavering. To cater to a broader range of preferences and attract a diverse set of assets, we’re diversifying our opportunity plans. Expect opportunities based on highly traded pairs and trending tokens, further enriching your investment choices.

As we reflect on August’s achievements and look forward to a promising September, CrowdSwap remains dedicated to delivering innovation, value, and opportunities to our cherished community. Stay engaged, explore new features, and join us in this exciting journey through the ever-evolving world of decentralized finance.

Table of Contents

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