April Monthly Recap

April Monthly Recap
April Monthly Recap
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April, the month of Easter, fools, and Earth Day, has come to an end, and with it, our plans and releases for it. April had some shining-star moments for us, glaring checkpoints and milestones on CrowdSwap’s timeline and roadmap, like the Arbitrum release.

But that’s not all. Much more happened this month, which may not all be colossal, but it helped us inch closer to our goals and CROWDers to get their answers. Let’s see what April looks like in the rearview.

Community Events

This month, we held some community events like the AMA and Leveling Contests for our community to engage with us and each other. 

April AMA Sessions

In collaboration with our partner – WeSendit – we accommodated an AMA session for you to join, listen to, and state questions about the different aspects of it in April. Both events were blasts, and we felt positively relieved to have answered your questions and taken the pressure off some serious matters. We presume more AMAs as we sweep forward with partner onboarding.

April Leveling Contests

We also kept faith with the monthly “Leveling Contest,” which randomly chooses one of our more chatty community members on our social platform Discord for a semi-grand prize of $50 in CROWDS. (still going) 

The winners are the ones who try to keep the community warm and welcoming while reserving a sharp eye for every little update in CrowdSwap to strike up a conversation. 

April Token Burning

As customed, the 20 mil CROWD token bonfire occurred at the start of April to help stabilize the balance. This ritual takes place at the beginning of each month.

Major Releases, Updates, and Tweaks

The strive for perfection knows no time or period! Just constant push! April marks the start of Spring, the renewal of everything, and CrowdSwap’s queue to make some big announcements on top of tweaks and fixes.

Arbitrum Integration on CrowdSwap

We defied the April Fool tradition and didn’t prank our audience. Instead, we give them something to get excited about, which they can count on. We introduced and integrated the Arbitrum network and three of its most tactical DEXs into our midsts – Kyber, Uniswap V3, and SushiSwap. We also turned the switch on for our BPR (Best-price Routing) mechanism on Arbitrum for good measure.

This was a significant undertaking by the team, which landed safely, soundly, and successfully, empowering all-tokens multichain transactions and crosschains with the help of this excellent Layer2 scaling solution for Ethereum.

Crosschain Improvements

The CrowdSwap crosschain controversy had mudded our thoughts, no matter where we stood. It was apparent that the crosschain must receive some tweaks and hotfixes to lower the transaction (moving of token) time, remove hindrances, and reduce the general difficulty of the whole procedure. 

Fortunately, another green check was in order as our development team put the pedal to the metal on this case and followed up on the technical aspect of the crosschain to renew its state. And they managed to do a splendid job! 

Could the timing GET any BETTER? Crosschain improvements rolled out almost 48 hours after Arbitrum’s drop on CrowdSwap, boosting an already shuttle-speed chain and its token movements. Right after the drop, the crosschain began to feel much more instantaneous, turbo-charged, and overall easy. Not to mention, users can move more fund volumes a-cross the chains with the new crosschain. 😉

Website Redesign

The previous website design could no longer entertain our visions for a modern and user-friendly design. So, a rework jumped into our plans in April. 

The reshaping required humungous planning and execution across all of our teams, so we, unfortunately, had to cut it down to higher-priority pages:

  1. CrowSwap for Projects
  2. Loyalty Program 
  3. Blog Page

By popular vote, we decided on these three landing pages to first get a facelift.

The Blog Page enjoyed a more specific feature-rich renovation with search buttons and action buttons directing users to our dApp, where they can bring about their everyday financial doings.  

Want to read more about our plans for you or the loyalty programs? Learn all there is to know about the 2 LTH Seasons, the VIP club, and the referral program on the loyalty page. 

The loyalty Program focuses on loyal, long-standing users and investors. The opening of a new CrowdSwap website had some new stories up in its sleeves. One of them was ideating new loyalty programs like the “VIP Club” and revitalizing old ones like the “Long-term Holders” or “LTH.” 

CrowdSwap for Projects is more tutored for project managers or DeFi platforms looking to push out to the sector and make a name for themselves.

CrowdSwap for Projects is our method of grabbing the hands of other projects and lifting them up the ground. To this end, we’ve developed a set of handy tools and features like our launchpad (Crowd Sales), CrowDEX (us becoming a DEX and providing more token relocations), and CrowdApi, which carries our services to other projects. 

That’s not all, however. In the spirit of boosting the social presence of other projects, we offer our marketing efforts and platforms for more outreach. Anyone who partners up with CrowdSwap benefits from us strategizing and shouting their names on our social media channels for more exposure.

LTH Updates

Last two weeks of April witnessed us rerunning the LTH updates for our community and hyping it up. Until both LTH seasons close, this routine will continue, and we will keep you posted on the frontrunners in the Long-term Holders of CROWD program.

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Quarterly Report

In addition to having a monthly report (recap), we posted a “Quarterly Report,” to summarize the tri-month performance for our users and investors comparing to 2022.

Read more: CrowdSwap performance report: Q1 2023

Table of Contents

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