Find the best Defi opportunities

CrowdSwap concentrates on providing the best opportunities in the crypto space built on top of our best-price-routing and aggregation algorithm, in addition to fast and secure cross-chain feature.


Search finds the best prices for your token pair across the DeFi Space including all ancillary costs. Network boundaries are no longer a barrier anymore. If the price is better on another network, CrowdSwap will guide you through cross-chain swaps with ease.

The best price routing algorithm includes aggregation of liquidity sources on any search. If there is a better routing option available you will find it in the result ranking.

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The standard known token swap features several swap possibilities that will optimize your token trades. You can choose between direct or bulk swap or choose from a variety of predefined strategies to e.g. increase your holdings of a token.

Taking the information from the search results and the transparency wallet network crossing is also transparent for you and done by the swap itself. For better understanding see the whitepaper and have a look at the cross-chain liquidity protocol (CCLP)

Cross-chain liquidity protocol (CCLP)

CrowdSwap provides different kinds of token transfers between chains, all of which are transparent for the user itself. From a technical point of view, we use our own cross-chain solution that is based on cross-chain liquidity pools to exchange the tokens naturally. No need for pegged tokens, burning and minting anymore.

CCLP will give the basis for awesome swapping experiences that can lead to significant gains and fee reduction for the ethereum network.

The optimized liquidity pools of CCLP will make traders and liquidity providers excited to get their hands on. The CCLPs reduces fees for the trader while increasing yield for the liquidity provider at the same time.

If you want to know more about CCLP, take a look at the CCLP whitepaper (work in progress).  

LIVE – ongoing improvement

Wallet Manager - one Wallet for all

Wallets are great and necessary tools when it comes to DeFi and swaps. Given the rising of DeFi to a multi chain universe, wallets have to add features for multi chain transparency. Our wallet manager simplifies the complexity of having different wallets for each network. Leaving the security at the wallet side, the wallet manager gathers important information for search and best price routing based on your tokens across all connected wallets.

You don’t have to choose a network before executing your best price search. Search will find the best price for your desired token, providing you with even better opportunities regardless of the network.

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Best Price Routing (BPR)

Best Price Routing is the algorithm that is responsible for executing the swap over integrated networks and DEXes. Furthermore it provides the best prices for search, too. Based on on-chain data analysis, BPR calculates all ancillary costs for the swaps and returns an overall price per token.

We analyze the smart contract and investigate on-chain data intensively to provide the best routings. We found out that routing paths were chosen by liquidity pool healthiness over best prices for the user. Sometimes DEX aggregators push liquidity pools over other factors such as price. With CrowdSwap this will not be the case anymore! 

The BPR works as an aggregator by nature. If there is a better route for the given token pair, this will be included into the search result. 

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On-chain data analysis

On-chain data analysis is a big advantage to optimize trading. Not only can we reduce the collateral costs of swaps, we can furthermore use it to provide automated features like trading strategies and better user experience.

On-chain data is already used in the BPR to find the best price based on token price, transaction and transfer costs and fees.

Aggregated on-chain data is the key to take action before everybody else does. We will provide additional premium services based on insight of on-chain data. 

Live – ongoing improvement