A safe, simple, and intelligent path in DeFi

Everything you desire in DeFi is now accessible at your fingertips on Telegram with the CrowdSwap bot. It's a simple and familiar tool powered by years of CrowdSwap's expertise and made possible by CrowdWallet to bring your DeFi experience to a whole new level.

CrowdSwap: Your DeFi Trading Simplifier

The CrowdSwap Telegram Bot brings the complex DeFi ecosystem to your fingertips. Say goodbye to additional app installations on mobile devices; our bot is integrated with CrowdWallet for secure, simplified trading. No extra installations are needed—just pure convenience.

CrowdSwap Telegram DeFi Bot

Why CrowdSwap Telegram Bot

Easy Access

It enables simplified processes via chat instructions and eliminates the complexities of traditional exchanges without the need to install extra apps on your device.

Security at the Forefront

The CrowdSwap Telegram Bot offers a seamless DeFi experience without extra apps, prioritizes your fund security with CrowdWallet, and empowers users through decentralization, ensuring financial sovereignty with minimal third-party reliance.

Speed and Efficiency

24/7 access and instant responses to user commands for transaction execution.


Accessing Telegram bots through different devices and resolving transaction issues across various browsers

What Can You Achieve with the CrowdSwap Telegram Bot?

A simple three-step process is all that stands between you and investing in a diversified, handpicked portfolio of tokens.

Effortlessly and securely swap tokens across multiple blockchains.

Quickly send tokens to any wallet address with ease.

Dive into liquidity provision and staking for potential returns.

Utilize robust security features like passwords and 2FA for peace of mind.

Stay informed with price alerts and crucial notifications for timely decision-making.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The CrowdSwap Bot removes the need for the more complex processes typically found in traditional exchanges, such as launching the application, connecting the wallet, and other supplementary steps, and executes transactions with just a simple command.

CrowdSwap DeFi bot is integrated with CrowdSwallet, an innovative smart wallet. When trading on different blockchains, there is no need to keep all network coins to pay gas, the bot covers these costs with the source token you use.

This bot connects to your CrowdWallet and authenticates with your Telegram ID.