Token Distribution

Tokens are crucial to any project. At CrowdSwap we have a fixed total supply of 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) CROWD tokens that fund the CrowdSwap mission.

Token price chart



One of our goals is to bring more people into crypto. The barrier to get involved is increasing as this sector moves forward at a high pace. CrowdSwap not only has an easy-to-use UI for newbies in the space, but we also want to spread knowledge and inform people about unique new possibilities. The marketing portion is well defined to secure our mission. Our fees guarantee that our marketing budget is always healthy.

15% goes into Marketing.*

Business Operational ​

A great effort in many different areas needs to be organized and valued. This part of the distribution secures the functioning of the project.

10% goes into this area.*


Development is the heart of CrowdSwap and the place where people implement the project’s goals so that everyone can benefit from it.

25% of the initial token distribution will be spend on development to ensure the CrowdSwap mission.

Liquidity Reserve

10 million tokens are reserved to provide liquidity on the different networks. Due to the cross-chain approach, we need to provide sufficient liquidity on not only the Ethereum network. Crowd Token are the utilized to drive the atomic token transfer to other networks.

Team & advisors


Advisors play a significant role in every project. They are the ones who question everything, who are sometimes annoying to no end, and yet have precisely the same goal. They secure the success of the project. At the same time, the advisors push the project through their participation. The performance of the advisors is entitled to a rightful part in the success.

5% of the token distribution will go to our advisors.*


The team has put much time, commitment, and hardship into the project in the past. The team should contribute to the further development of CrowdSwap for as long as possible. The token distribution to the team ensures that CrowdSwap has the happiest team members.

10% of the token distribution is kept for the founding team behind CrowdSwap.*



Welcome Airdrop

To celebrate the progress of the project so far, we provide the first token to our community. 2,5% of all token can be made available to the airdrop that starts at 1.000.000 CROWD token. Everyone from our twitter and telegram group can win token from the lottery in December.

More to come in the mentioned channels. 


Active community memebers on telegram and discord can get CROWD token for participation and involvment in the project. Furthermore we will do polls on feature priority in the social media channels that will be rewarded,too.

Using CrowdSwap fro your swaps is the best way to make sure you will be granted your stack of the tokens. We will definitely keep tokens for the first users to swap on the integrated networks.

Private & Public sale

Private Sale

Private sales have already been done. We have addressed all people who liked to support the project.

Public Sale / Token launch

The token launch was done through a fair decentralized auction system. The amount of token was put into the auction contract for a minimum price. At the time of the auction, everyone could put their orders. At the end of the auction, the price per token was calculated by finding the highest price regarding the amount of token spent.

* Token distribution can be change as the project evolves. Areas marked like this are subject to change, based on the governance activities that start in 2022!

For more information also about the token distribution over time, we kindly ask you to read the whitepaper.

Fee Distribution

With the revenue of the fees, CrowdSwap is burning 10% of the CROWD tokens. The burning of tokens supports the token’s price stability and attractiveness in the CrowdSwap project. See the diagram below for the distribution of the fee revenue.

Most of the revenue goes back to the stakers. If you stake CROWD token you should definitely use CrowdSwap for your swaps because you reduce the costs of your swaps even more. With 20% on liquidity all project expenses will be paid. In the beginning CrowdSwap will also add tokens from the project to staking for stable income on fees. In the first 2 years most of the costs of the project have to be handled. After this period the project token will be slowly put to the market.

The distribution of the fee revenue is subject to change as part of the governance system.


The treasury is the base value of the CROWD token. After the launch of our CROWD token, we will store liquidity into CrowdSwap´s treasury. After Liquidity and Burn use their share of the revenue, the rest goes into treasury. Treasury will consist of primarily stablecoins, Bitcoin and Ethereum, and some token of promising projects.