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The Problem

An Impossible Mission

The huge success of DeFi has created an exponentially growing market. What seems to be good news for the projects and companies, might create some headache for the users…

Huge growing market

More than 50% growth in blockchains, opportunities, DEXes, cross-chain solutions and wallet providers.

9.375B Combinations

Leaving the users with a vast amount of combinations to find the best opportunities and prices.

Impossible mission

It´s almost an impossible mission to find the best opportunities and prices manually.  

our solution

A NON-STOP flight for your assets into the best OPPORTUNITIES… with a SIMPLE booking PROCESS!


Connect your wallet


Select your desired opportunity


Execute the best route


Start Earning!

Save significantly on your swaps

Best Price Routing

Best-Price-Routing analyzes the whole DeFi space for the best prices and routes to your desired opportunity. 

CrowdSwap is cross-chain​

CrowdSwap is cross-chain


Cross-chain liquidity protocol helps transfering assets across all networks. With it´s own optimized pooling you can easily native and stablecoin tokens between blockchains.

CrowdSwap got your back

MEV Protection

MEV Protection will save you from failing transaction due to

System based: through flashbots transactions

Application based: check against security hash on mined block from different network

Meet our core team and advisors

CrowdSwap was found by an experienced team from various industries

Christian Mülder

Co-Founder and CEO

Vahid Hassani

Co-Founder and CTO

Eva Schömer


Prof. Detlef Schoder

Advisor, Professor University of Cologne

Wolfgang Hennes

Advisor, Scientific Affairs

Michael Schömer

Advisor, Conecpt, Algorithms,Maths

Nasser Safarina

Software Architect/Developer

Abbas Sharifitabar

Software Architect/Developer

Nastaran Ghaffari

Scrum Master

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Roadmap 2022

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Find the best price for token pairs

The CrowdSwap best price algorithm finds the best price for token pairs via one or more DEXes routes, tkaing into account all ancillary costs, including fees, smart contract (swap), execution costs, and bridge transfer (network transfer) costs.