Here are frequently asked questions in our auction that might be your questions as well.

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How many Matic do I need?

You require up to 1 Matic for transactions fees.

Is it possible to place an order with USDT on BSC or Ethereum chains?

No. You need USDT on Polygon network to be able to bid. Follow the instructions in the following link to transfer your USDT. It’s super easy.

If the final clearing price is lower than my bid, how many CROWD will I receive?

You will receive as many tokens as dividing your bidding amount by clearing price.

When we get our CROWD tokens?

You can claim your CROWD two hours after the end of the auction if you win. Otherwise, you get your USDT back. The auction ends on 21st February at 13 UTC.

How to claim the Crowd tokens after the auction?

In the following document, you can find the instruction for claiming the tokens.

Why do I need to do the whitelisting?

Because of some restricted countries and bot protection

Can I retract my orders?

You can cancel your order before February 18 at 13 UTC. You can always place new orders.

Can I use CrowdSwap to swap my polygon tokens (to USDT)?

Of course, CrowdSwap supports more than 40 tokens on polygon network.

Can I use trust wallet?

Yes, you can.

Where can I ask my questions regarding the auction?

Please reach out to us through our official (community) channels, otherwise you may encounter scammers. The official links are listed below.

What is the cheapest way to move USDT from Ethereum chain to polygon?

What is the link to the CROWD auction:

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