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CrowdSwap is an app that allows you to easily swap one cryptocurrency into a more profitable one. Besides the simple swap our app also shows you how your swap will get the best possible price and transparently displays all costs. All you need is a wallet and a few coins.

our solution

A NON-STOP flight for your assets into the best OPPORTUNITIES… with a SIMPLE booking PROCESS!


Connect your wallet

If you don’t know what a wallet is... watch the video


Select your desired opportunity

How to buy crypto and why should I swap?... watch the video


Execute the best route


Start Earning!

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Besides our app we offer you the possibility to be part of this great project by buying the CROWD token. This way when an exchange happens through our app you participate from it.

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Why should you choose CrowdSwap

Exponentially growing market

More than 50% growth in blockchains, opportunities, DEXes, cross-chain solutions and wallet providers.

9.375B Combinations

Leaving the users with a vast amount of combinations to find the best opportunities and prices.

Impossible mission

It’s almost an impossible mission to find the best opportunities and prices manually.  

The Problem

An Impossible Mission

The huge success of DeFi has created an exponentially growing market. What seems to be good news for the projects and companies, might create some headache for the users…

Swap and Stake easily

Find the best opportunities in crypto space and Save significantly

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In the future our CrowdSwap App will allow you to swap without even thinking about networks andwe will offer you great opportunities. Don't want miss?

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