Find the best prices in crypto space.

Save significantly on your swaps.

Save significantly on your swaps​

Best Price Routing

Including ancillary costs (fees, transaction and transfer costs)

With the cheapest route on the DEX itself

Any kind of decentralized liquidity source (orderbooks)

Borderless price comparison

Cross-chain swap might be
cheaper in total costs

CrowdSwap is transparent


CrowdSwap always shows the total
costs of the swap

Inculding fees

With LPs fees depend on the
number of pools involved

Transaction costs

Transaction cost of the
smart contract itself

For cross-chain swap, transfer
costs are taken into account

CrowdSwap got your back!

MEV Protection

MEV Protection will save you from failing transaction due to



Sandwich attacks

System based: through flashbot transactions

Application based: check against security hash on mined block from different chain/network

Bitcoin You save $23 $33 %6.4 Total Fee Cost Swap Your swap request has been successfully processed. Step 1 Done

What we offer

Easy to Use

CrowdSwap offers the possibility of swapping. Built on search, the transition to the Swap app is fluid and transparent. The user can transfer a search result to the Swap UI to get multiple options to trade.

Experienced users can, of course, jump right into the Swap UI.

Our Team

Meet our core team and advisors

CrowdSwap was founded by an experienced team coming from various industries

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Roadmap 2021

CrowdSwap Roadmap is divided into milestone periods

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Find the best price for token pairs

The CrowdSwap best price algorithm finds the best price for token pairs via one or more DEXes routes, taking into account all ancillary costs, including DEXes fees, smart contract (swap) execution transaction costs, and bridge transfer (network transfer) costs.