Find the best prices in crypto space.

Save significantly on your swaps.

the problem

An impossible Mission

The success of the DeFi space has created an exponential growing market with a rapidly growning number of participants. In 2021 never seen amount of projects enter the market in different sectors like blockchains, decentralize dexchanges and orderbooks, opportunity providers, wallet providers and cross-chain solutions. It´s almost impossible to find the best (fast, secure and cost effetive) way into the best opportunities.

Huge growing market

9.375B combinations

Impossible misson

our solution

A NON-STOP flight for your assets into the best OPPORTUNITIES...

...with a SIMPLE booking PROCESS!

the process

Simple process




Connect your wallet

Connect any liquidity source

More asset, better routes based on the best price rouing (BPR)



Select your desired opportunity

CrowdSwap has the best opportunities in DeFi

Extendable Opportunity market place

Filter all opportunities to your needs

Yield Farming - Liquidity Providing - Lending - Rebase Reserve Currency Projects - Trading Opportunities - Staking




Execute the best route

All routes from your assets to the chosen opportunity

automated best price routing, transparency and security

Best route is always preselected

No struggling with odd bridges and other apps anymore



Start Earning!

CrowdSwap will guide you through all necessary steps

Interactions will be decrease to the absolut minimum

Taking all advantages from BPR, CCLP Loss and MEV protection

Start eraning right after the route is sucessfully completed

Taking Opportunities! - instead of laying out how to get there easy, cheap, secure and in time

Save significantly on your swaps​

Best Price Routing

Including ancillary costs (fees, transaction and transfer costs)

With the cheapest route on the DEX itself

Any kind of decentralized liquidity source (orderbooks)

Borderless price comparison

Cross-chain swap might be
cheaper in total costs

CrowdSwap is cross-chain


Cross-chain liquidity protocol

Fast execution

Secure transactions

Cost effective

Swap between any assets

CrowdSwap got your back!

MEV Protection

MEV Protection will save you from failing transaction due to



Sandwich attacks

System based: through flashbot transactions

Application based: check against security hash on mined block from different chain/network

Our Team

Meet our core team and advisors

CrowdSwap was founded by an experienced team coming from various industries

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Roadmap 2021

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